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id Take Off Flights Max km Hours Total km km/hr
32Cross Fell8233.1 km57 hrs267 km4.7
297Horden7015.4 km50 hrs214 km4.3
21Model Ridge4434.3 km39 hrs210 km5.4
103Clough Head3751.5 km36 hrs219 km6.1
52Ullock Pike198.5 km17 hrs96 km5.7
276Bewaldeth142.1 km13 hrs15 km1.1
43Broughton1421 km19 hrs109 km5.7
73Tailbridge140.9 km4 hrs8 km1.9
307Blease Fell124.8 km6 hrs21 km3.3
35Marsk1217.3 km14 hrs92 km6.8
58Santa Pola122.9 km7 hrs23 km3.4
38Algodonales1129.7 km9 hrs78 km9.1
265Cross Fell (Radar Masts)1134.1 km11 hrs92 km8.7
10East Hill110.6 km5 hrs4 km0.9
293Pokhara113.5 km3 hrs23 km7.1
13Crimdon Dene1011.6 km8 hrs47 km5.9
50Cringle Moor109.4 km8 hrs23 km2.7
66Jenkin104 km8 hrs21 km2.7
76Chabre947.8 km24 hrs297 km12.6
24Col de Forclaz85.8 km6 hrs36 km6
55Gyrn Moelfre811.2 km9 hrs27 km2.9
47Long Mynd857.5 km11 hrs84 km7.5
311Sarangkot87.7 km8 hrs27 km3.4
31Buttermere Moss72 km2 hrs11 km6
49Palomoret75.6 km6 hrs18 km2.8
37Blackhall65.7 km3 hrs19 km6.3
34Carrock Fell66.5 km5 hrs15 km3
92El Bosque64 km6 hrs18 km2.9
72Semerwater62.5 km8 hrs9 km1.2
44Tinto648.8 km12 hrs103 km8.8
54White Hill615.2 km7 hrs34 km4.6
147Babadag56.2 km4 hrs28 km6.3
257Bandpur51.4 km3 hrs7 km2.3
202Latrigg513.6 km5 hrs24 km5.2
184Porterville552.6 km7 hrs135 km19.4
116Saint Vincent les Forts519.3 km7 hrs36 km5.5
59Akeld48.3 km4 hrs14 km3.9
14Captain Cooks41.4 km1 hrs3 km2.8
198Lachat411 km4 hrs23 km5.4
111Moorfoots46.2 km4 hrs20 km4.8
298Planfait413.4 km7 hrs25 km3.6
61Sandbeds44.4 km4 hrs11 km2.6
51Whiteless Pike413.8 km5 hrs33 km6.4
175BurnBank31.4 km2 hrs2 km1.3
17Carlton Bank37.1 km1 hrs8 km9.2
75Eyam Edge31.5 km2 hrs3 km1.8
149Honister39.6 km2 hrs16 km8.7
185Koringberg357.3 km6 hrs114 km19.4
288Maidan37.9 km5 hrs17 km3.6
189Meall nanTarmachan37.6 km1 hrs11 km9.1
142South Shields30.6 km1 hrs1 km1.8
91St Bees32.3 km3 hrs4 km1.5
172Stirling310.1 km4 hrs19 km5.2
29Titlington Pike30.4 km1 hrs1 km0.8
86Yevering Bell37.9 km2 hrs10 km4.7
53Bach Hill210.6 km2 hrs19 km11.3
196Barkin294.7 km6 hrs137 km23.1
145Brigsteer229.5 km3 hrs37 km14
57Carrascoy23.3 km1 hrs7 km5.7
296Grindwald25.3 km1 hrs10 km10.7
199La Clusaz211.7 km3 hrs14 km4.4
188Lachens218.6 km2 hrs20 km9.2
192Ljubinj219 km3 hrs25 km9
325Long Sands20.5 km1 hrs1 km1.7
187Monachil22 km1 hrs4 km7.7
30Moneylaws20.9 km1 hrs1 km1.5
39Montellano20.7 km0 hrs1 km3.8
36Saltburn22.5 km2 hrs4 km1.9
204Windbank284.8 km4 hrs104 km23.2
96Wolf Crag211.7 km3 hrs13 km4.6
89Allcock Tarn10.8 km0 hrs1 km3.8
197Bank13 km1 hrs3 km2.8
329Ben More118.3 km1 hrs18 km17.6
200Birks Hill146.4 km2 hrs46 km22.4
300Bracelet Moor16 km1 hrs6 km5.9
190Carn Liath111.4 km1 hrs11 km14
195Carn an Righ153.7 km4 hrs54 km14.3
266Catt Bells13.4 km2 hrs3 km1.8
241Clough (NE)126.5 km2 hrs26 km13.7
153Entrevernes12.6 km1 hrs3 km2.6
148Grasmoor17.1 km1 hrs7 km9.3
210Greystones125.4 km1 hrs25 km26.2
143Hasty Bank17.1 km2 hrs7 km4.7
93Hogden Law11.3 km0 hrs1 km4.5
25Hownam Law11.2 km0 hrs1 km16.5
180Kingswood11.8 km1 hrs2 km2.8
194Kranska Gora13.2 km1 hrs3 km4
328Lochearnhead11.7 km1 hrs2 km1.9
150Lowca10.4 km0 hrs0 km0.8
130Marlens12.9 km0 hrs3 km8.2
268Mid Hill10.3 km0 hrs0 km4.1
174Old Man of Coniston11.7 km0 hrs2 km4.1
314Plan Joux12.6 km1 hrs3 km4.1
193Planina Spodnji Vogar13.7 km1 hrs4 km3.7
191Seaham (south)15.7 km1 hrs6 km4.5
287Seatoller14.9 km0 hrs5 km10.6
121Silecroft15.3 km1 hrs5 km4.7
126Staggs Fell117.2 km2 hrs17 km7.3
267Swinside Knott123.9 km1 hrs24 km19
56Toix12.3 km1 hrs2 km3
33Walla Crag11.3 km1 hrs1 km1.6
201Ward Law118.4 km3 hrs18 km6.4
326Whernside13.1 km0 hrs3 km24.1
65Wrynose138.8 km3 hrs39 km13.4


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