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id Take Off Flights Max km Hours Total km km/hr
32Cross Fell9941.8 km78 hrs319 km4.1
21Model Ridge8732.7 km67 hrs235 km3.5
276Bewaldeth5012.3 km34 hrs92 km2.7
297Horden4142.4 km39 hrs186 km4.7
62Wether Fell4040.6 km27 hrs139 km5.1
103Clough Head3444.2 km35 hrs161 km4.6
147Babadag3320.5 km25 hrs223 km9
10East Hill310.9 km13 hrs12 km0.9
66Jenkin2014.5 km10 hrs114 km10.9
24Col de Forclaz186.4 km15 hrs82 km5.6
25Hownam Law182.3 km15 hrs14 km0.9
76Chabre1646.4 km25 hrs291 km11.6
164Souther1515 km16 hrs67 km4.3
34Carrock Fell137.3 km12 hrs26 km2.1
35Marsk1322.6 km13 hrs102 km7.7
49Palomoret132.4 km9 hrs19 km2
171Glencoe1217.6 km7 hrs40 km5.9
307Blease Fell115.5 km8 hrs25 km3.1
50Cringle Moor111.6 km5 hrs14 km3
30Moneylaws1138.6 km5 hrs43 km8.6
298Planfait1035.8 km16 hrs129 km8.1
13Crimdon Dene87.5 km4 hrs22 km5
47Long Mynd883.1 km14 hrs129 km9.5
169Governador Valadares738.7 km11 hrs143 km12.5
130Marlens74 km3 hrs18 km5.4
36Saltburn613.5 km6 hrs46 km7.7
311Sarangkot62 km3 hrs12 km4.5
323Scales616 km10 hrs65 km6.4
91St Bees54.9 km7 hrs11 km1.6
33Walla Crag51.7 km4 hrs7 km1.9
83Barton Fell42.3 km2 hrs7 km3.3
37Blackhall44.1 km2 hrs8 km5.6
145Brigsteer495.1 km17 hrs284 km16.9
43Broughton470.1 km8 hrs116 km14.3
42Easington451.8 km6 hrs65 km11.3
325Long Sands40.7 km1 hrs2 km1.4
184Porterville435.6 km7 hrs119 km17.6
29Titlington Pike40.3 km1 hrs1 km1.2
38Algodonales315.4 km3 hrs22 km6.9
17Carlton Bank31 km0 hrs3 km6.3
241Clough (NE)30.5 km2 hrs1 km0.6
153Entrevernes32.3 km2 hrs4 km2.5
93Hogden Law31 km3 hrs3 km0.8
23Lords Seat31 km3 hrs2 km0.6
288Maidan31.3 km4 hrs4 km1
26Old Bewick30.5 km2 hrs1 km0.8
142South Shields30.7 km3 hrs1 km0.5
172Stirling317.7 km5 hrs41 km7.7
124Swinside34.7 km2 hrs7 km4.8
73Tailbridge30.7 km2 hrs2 km0.7
44Tinto389.1 km6 hrs121 km21.2
52Ullock Pike38.8 km4 hrs15 km3.7
115de Buc31.4 km1 hrs4 km4.1
167Benty Hill21.2 km0 hrs2 km9.6
242Biar23 km2 hrs6 km3.4
163Brim Fell23.8 km0 hrs6 km12.3
31Buttermere Moss22.2 km1 hrs3 km4.4
14Captain Cooks20.6 km0 hrs1 km2.6
168Castle Carrock20.6 km0 hrs1 km6.4
146Corby Crags20.4 km1 hrs1 km1.2
295Emberger Alm213.2 km4 hrs25 km5.5
41Glyderau26.6 km2 hrs13 km6.6
180Kingswood22.2 km2 hrs3 km1.5
185Koringberg240.3 km3 hrs60 km19
150Lowca20.8 km1 hrs1 km2.5
97Mallerstang24.7 km3 hrs9 km3.4
158Mam Tor25.5 km2 hrs11 km4.5
39Montellano228.8 km3 hrs56 km18.6
174Old Man of Coniston21.7 km1 hrs3 km5.9
45Pandy210 km2 hrs11 km4.5
317Paul Haxby PPG filed23.6 km1 hrs7 km5.8
61Sandbeds20.6 km0 hrs1 km3.3
254Semnoz210.7 km4 hrs21 km5.6
126Staggs Fell22.3 km2 hrs3 km2
89Allcock Tarn10.9 km0 hrs1 km10
48Biddlestone11 km1 hrs1 km1.8
46Brunas133.9 km1 hrs34 km27.8
182Builth Wells11.6 km2 hrs2 km1
175BurnBank11.7 km1 hrs2 km2.2
183Butterfly Valley17.6 km1 hrs8 km7
263Col des Feretes18 km0 hrs8 km20.2
144Cringle - Hasty12.8 km3 hrs3 km1
215Haig Pit12.2 km1 hrs2 km4.2
186Hermanus117 km1 hrs17 km12.5
286Inkpen10.7 km1 hrs1 km0.9
176Kilhope Law10.4 km0 hrs0 km4.9
208Langdales14 km2 hrs4 km2.5
179Long Mynd (south)115.7 km1 hrs16 km14.3
312Mevouillon12.7 km1 hrs3 km4.8
136Montlambert11.5 km1 hrs1 km1
178Pant Hill114.5 km1 hrs14 km13.5
128Powburn Cafe13.4 km0 hrs3 km24.4
308Saint-Baudillle-et-Pipet11.7 km0 hrs2 km4.6
82Seaham17.8 km1 hrs8 km11
173Strob13.6 km0 hrs4 km9
64West Hill10.3 km0 hrs0 km3.4
326Whernside118.8 km3 hrs19 km6.6
12Whitestones172.1 km3 hrs72 km26.4
96Wolf Crag13.3 km2 hrs3 km1.7
86Yevering Bell11.1 km0 hrs1 km8.1


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