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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
150.2 km24/05/09Cross Fell1:43:521364 m826 m18441
214.5 km29/03/09Cross Fell1:00:57968 m425 m18372
312.7 km13/04/09Scales44:15661 m281 m18395
411.4 km22/08/10Cross Fell2:12:561217 m666 m18713
510.8 km05/04/09Cross Fell1:57:44986 m444 m18384
610.8 km26/04/09Cross Fell34:33992 m440 m18424
78.6 km05/07/09Cross Fell36:551093 m547 m18471
88.5 km15/06/08Model Ridge2:22:25935 m629 m18137
98.4 km18/05/08Model Ridge57:08896 m600 m18106
107.6 km04/06/08Cross Fell1:21:491083 m543 m18122
116.9 km09/08/09Cross Fell43:45927 m341 m18500
126.4 km20/05/08Horden40:54114 m76 m18109
134.9 km20/09/09Cross Fell2:55:321169 m629 m18535
144.8 km08/08/10Cross Fell1:30:24694 m154 m18706
154.8 km10/10/10Blackhall29:0188 m66 m21769
164.6 km16/11/08Model Ridge1:21:20591 m292 m18278
174.5 km15/03/09Cross Fell2:18:16887 m340 m18357
184.4 km17/05/08Horden1:06:0893 m10 m18102
194.1 km15/08/10Model Ridge1:35:22619 m313 m18708
204.1 km18/05/08Model Ridge57:37670 m356 m18107
213.9 km31/07/10Pouncho d Agast1:25:001622 m799 m18701
223.8 km20/09/09Cross Fell09:41667 m25 m18536
233.7 km10/10/10Blackhall1:03:1080 m37 m21770
242.9 km15/03/09Cross Fell18:12758 m143 m18358
252.8 km20/06/10Model Ridge34:24472 m179 m18689
262.8 km09/05/10Marsk47:1567 m47 m18669
272.7 km10/10/10Horden58:5080 m37 m21771
282.6 km13/07/08Cross Fell1:35:12795 m240 m18175
292.5 km23/05/10Cross Fell25:33693 m152 m18675
302.4 km04/10/09Clough Head57:37897 m470 m18552
312.3 km17/05/08Horden34:5486 m46 m18104
321.9 km19/04/09Blease Fell58:361022 m524 m18413
331.9 km09/05/10Crimdon Dene38:5466 m35 m18668
341.9 km27/09/09Cross Fell34:54600 m59 m18542
351.5 km25/08/10Horden37:2494 m53 m21772
361.5 km24/06/09Horden45:2584 m43 m18467
371.5 km23/07/08Semerwater2:29:58742 m283 m18183
381.4 km04/10/09Bewaldeth1:08:29476 m205 m18548
391.3 km14/09/08Latrigg50:36435 m84 m18221
400.7 km18/04/10Model Ridge20:12344 m42 m18655
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
239 km44 hours11481 m


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