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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
123 km09/07/07Brigsteer1:20:19793 m418 m17470
218.1 km08/07/07Cross Fell1:51:441507 m1035 m17462
315.2 km02/07/06Blease Fell1:33:091019 m514 m17331
411.1 km23/07/06Cross Fell42:181263 m996 m22317
59.8 km22/07/07Bewaldeth55:19893 m696 m19497
68.8 km28/07/06Tailbridge1:04:051110 m773 m22321
77.3 km16/07/06Jenkin3:13:521431 m30 m22343
86.5 km16/07/06Blease Fell2:01:091431 m939 m22312
93.5 km01/07/06Blease Fell28:24937 m482 m17329
103.3 km06/04/07Clough Head2:38:33894 m842 m17385
112.8 km10/09/06Blease Fell1:02:25919 m472 m22377
122.6 km09/09/06Blease Fell1:37:01556 m315 m17354
132.3 km31/03/07Glencoe1:54:141399 m648 m19396
141.9 km01/07/06Blease Fell27:32833 m383 m17330
151.8 km15/07/06Blease Fell43:12922 m511 m22311
161.6 km17/07/06Walla Crag2:34:09603 m231 m22316
171.5 km28/07/06Cross Fell (Radar Masts)34:20497 m83 m22320
181.5 km13/07/06Walla Crag1:30:46624 m454 m22307
191.3 km11/06/06Parlick2:43:53549 m138 m22300
201 km11/06/06Parlick53:30452 m28 m22299
210.9 km20/08/06Cumrew24:16545 m246 m22341
220.7 km03/08/06Cumrew42:38380 m86 m17332
230.7 km17/06/06Whitestones35:10575 m407 m22302
240.7 km28/07/06Cross Fell49:28474 m81 m22318
250.5 km06/06/06Cross Fell14:14440 m149 m17316
260.5 km06/06/06Cross Fell09:52405 m0 m17315
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
128.9 km33 hours10957 m


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