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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
135.8 km20/04/07Planfait2:13:522881 m1933 m19302
24.8 km21/01/06Carlton Bank1:33:19562 m156 m20358
34.3 km19/04/07Col de Forclaz1:46:021513 m1491 m19268
41.7 km20/04/07Marlens23:001030 m58 m19269
51.5 km04/03/06Clough Head08:09481 m57 m17587
61.5 km18/02/06Jenkin12:14686 m0 m20965
71.2 km21/07/06Wether Fell37:59792 m227 m17673
81.2 km04/08/06Clough Head1:55:12793 m401 m17706
91.1 km20/04/07Planfait09:43990 m40 m19270
101 km15/04/06Jenkin20:22619 m35 m17599
111 km04/03/06Clough Head54:00761 m346 m17589
121 km14/01/06Staggs Fell1:40:46580 m80 m21621
130.8 km29/01/07Carlton Bank02:22411 m0 m17770
140.8 km21/07/06Tailbridge53:36622 m108 m17672
150.6 km30/06/06Tailbridge32:47552 m40 m17648
160.6 km30/06/06Tailbridge1:11:40667 m198 m17646
170.6 km22/04/06Staggs Fell42:13650 m194 m17602
180.6 km30/06/06Tailbridge1:18:10626 m106 m17647
190.5 km24/08/06Moneylaws1:52:23479 m231 m17690
200.5 km21/05/06Humbelton Hill29:43316 m70 m17636
210.4 km21/05/06Longknowe05:35321 m5 m17637
220.4 km04/05/06East Hill34:26265 m75 m17623
230.4 km24/08/06Moneylaws17:29257 m31 m17691
240.4 km19/08/06Lords Seat23:17471 m97 m17687
250.4 km04/05/06East Hill59:55304 m85 m17624
260.3 km18/07/06East Hill07:14215 m0 m17668
270.3 km28/07/06East Hill04:26220 m9 m17680
280.3 km14/05/06East Hill36:56292 m149 m17626
290.3 km25/07/06East Hill15:09217 m10 m17677
300.3 km18/07/06East Hill23:05229 m55 m17669
310.3 km25/08/06East Hill50:43248 m21 m17692
320.3 km23/03/06East Hill38:00289 m90 m17597
330.2 km27/04/06Cumrew42:19449 m138 m17617
340.2 km05/05/06Titlington Pike06:44228 m13 m17625
350.2 km27/04/06Cumrew02:30306 m0 m17605
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
65.8 km25 hours6549 m


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