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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
1124.6 km25/03/18Wether Fell4:04:011567 m998 m22454
2124.3 km25-03-18Wether Fell3:51:321557 m933 m22453
3109 km26/04/15Carlton Bank3:08:271799 m1364 m22441
495.4 km17/04/16Wether Fell3:05:281510 m947 m22445
579.2 km02/08/09Cross Fell2:18:420 m0 m22444
677.6 km08/08/15Tailbridge2:28:501381 m857 m22458
757.7 km03-06-17Tailbridge2:41:181362 m820 m22448
828.3 km04/08/14Tailbridge50:061400 m856 m22440
920.5 km22/05/16Tailbridge59:221246 m746 m22291
1016.4 km08-07-17Carlton Bank3:20:031384 m921 m22450
1116.4 km08/07/17Carlton Bank3:20:021384 m921 m22451
127.6 km19/09/17Tailbridge1:48:15975 m457 m22452
137.5 km02-04-17Tailbridge1:15:001012 m502 m22446
147.2 km01/07/13Tailbridge1:12:05981 m800 m22442
157 km09-09-17Model Ridge1:15:45755 m439 m22447
163.9 km02/02/07Model Ridge1:57:280 m0 m22443
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
782.6 km38 hours11561 m


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