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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
155 km10/09/15Piedrahita2:21:422259 m341 m22259
251.2 km08/09/15Piedrahita2:29:093198 m1275 m17418
339 km26/04/15Carlton Bank1:57:071615 m1214 m22092
438.7 km25/07/18Cross Fell2:00:481960 m1425 m6922
532 km22/09/12Blease Fell2:00:500 m0 m21508
629.7 km03/07/14Chabre2:33:263118 m1786 m20111
727.4 km25/08/18Model Ridge2:02:361231 m941 m13985
827.4 km11/09/15Hermosillo54:442584 m1007 m22168
925.8 km01/07/14Chabre2:05:272414 m1076 m20107
1024.5 km23/07/06Cross Fell1:38:330 m0 m21905
1123 km10/06/16Monte Bissane2:16:572379 m460 m22423
1218.4 km23/05/15Cross Fell2:02:061487 m941 m22164
1316 km18/02/07Scales1:46:480 m0 m21732
1415.5 km09/09/15Piedrahita32:161932 m25 m17289
1515.3 km19/03/16Marsk44:55360 m349 m22258
1614.2 km02/07/14Chabre1:38:542215 m876 m20078
1714.1 km14/07/18Jenkin58:141101 m526 m6920
1813.4 km11/06/17Algodonales1:18:092045 m1015 m19528
1912.6 km14/03/15Crimdon Dene2:48:14114 m94 m22075
2011.6 km24/11/18Crimdon Dene3:15:24140 m117 m22876
2111.1 km18/04/15Hogden Law1:42:331049 m589 m22063
2210.4 km14/05/15Crimdon Dene1:09:1987 m84 m22094
2310.3 km14/05/15Crimdon Dene1:14:51115 m101 m22093
249.9 km30/05/15Swinside54:35835 m542 m22084
259.8 km13/06/17Algodonales56:291704 m677 m19496
269.8 km07/09/15Piedrahita1:02:112050 m127 m17317
279.5 km03/06/15Col de Forclaz2:07:112255 m991 m17373
289.3 km29/10/18Crimdon Dene1:14:12170 m145 m22486
298.8 km05/06/15Montlambert1:38:571669 m771 m17344
308.8 km14/03/15Crimdon Dene43:3896 m72 m21959
318.6 km16/08/15Tailbridge2:05:301151 m636 m22235
328.2 km27/03/15Cross Fell (Radar Masts)1:20:351000 m534 m22027
338.1 km02/09/17Old Bewick27:19905 m687 m17494
347.8 km02/05/14Hogden Law46:191147 m685 m19998
357.7 km06/08/16Cross Fell1:05:27904 m445 m17405
367.6 km13/05/15Crimdon Dene1:30:1661 m36 m22112
377.5 km25/07/15Model Ridge1:03:21565 m269 m22165
387.3 km05/08/18Cross Fell31:24860 m323 m7344
397.1 km01/03/14Blease Fell30:36665 m195 m19949
406.9 km10/09/15Piedrahita15:231917 m0 m22140
416.9 km09/06/15Montlambert1:16:051146 m248 m17305
426.6 km08/05/15Horden52:0677 m29 m20120
435.9 km18/03/16Marsk1:08:42209 m187 m22297
445.8 km04/06/15Col de Forclaz2:00:381720 m456 m17374
455.6 km02/04/14Horden1:03:0882 m45 m19997
465.5 km07/06/15Monte Bissane39:481917 m0 m17277
475.3 km08/09/15Piedrahita21:462022 m179 m17260
485.2 km06/03/16Model Ridge1:33:58731 m439 m17368
495.1 km21/07/18Mallerstang1:24:57758 m179 m6921
505 km01/05/15Model Ridge2:03:55727 m433 m20136
515 km20/03/18Model Ridge2:04:40550 m255 m19810
524.9 km07/01/18Filey (east)1:27:06112 m83 m17591
534.8 km22/03/15Cross Fell48:20683 m226 m22005
544.8 km23/06/15Model Ridge1:04:29548 m247 m22136
554.7 km07/09/15Piedrahita20:041946 m27 m17258
564.7 km21/02/18Model Ridge1:19:26554 m262 m19703
574.7 km28/02/16Model Ridge48:34528 m234 m22234
584.6 km18/03/15Model Ridge1:10:03508 m219 m22001
594.6 km26/02/07Model Ridge1:37:470 m0 m17925
604.6 km03/06/15Monte Bissane38:242592 m731 m17276
614.5 km23/07/17Model Ridge56:02582 m287 m19560
624.5 km18/09/17Model Ridge1:05:31551 m257 m19647
634.5 km20/03/16Model Ridge1:16:15514 m225 m22304
644.4 km28/02/16Model Ridge1:25:16611 m320 m22263
654.4 km17/09/16Model Ridge1:47:52576 m291 m22436
664.3 km04/06/13Model Ridge1:09:12725 m371 m19924
674.3 km04/04/15Model Ridge1:55:03654 m360 m20130
684.3 km02/02/18Model Ridge37:49472 m181 m17545
694.3 km21/02/18Model Ridge32:25499 m203 m19657
704.2 km09/06/16Col de Forclaz13:141264 m0 m17327
714.2 km17/02/07Model Ridge2:00:220 m0 m21380
724.2 km09/06/16Col de Forclaz23:111314 m51 m17328
734.1 km13/06/15Humbelton Hill1:11:31444 m214 m22125
744.1 km12/07/17Model Ridge1:49:57989 m691 m19582
754 km15/03/15Blackhall1:10:1071 m47 m21987
763.8 km29/05/15Haig Pit35:18166 m105 m22078
773.8 km27/04/16Monachil18:421483 m208 m22271
783.7 km15/07/15Model Ridge1:21:28739 m425 m22158
793.7 km09/06/15Col de Forclaz15:001265 m0 m17244
803.4 km01/01/19Model Ridge45:45479 m181 m23009
813.3 km22/04/15Model Ridge1:25:431055 m766 m22051
823.2 km19/04/16Model Ridge51:581232 m942 m22289
833.1 km09/03/14Windbank1:32:06614 m316 m20019
843.1 km15/03/15Crimdon Dene12:3951 m26 m21934
853.1 km17/02/18Cross Fell1:11:55867 m502 m19696
862.9 km21/02/07Cross Fell1:26:480 m0 m17888
872.8 km16/07/17Clough Head34:21943 m568 m19506
882.7 km24/03/18Clough Head2:21:591195 m807 m19811
892.6 km21/03/15Dowlaw1:07:32281 m111 m22000
902.6 km13/06/17Algodonales1:03:141112 m200 m19531
912.5 km31/08/15Humbelton Hill1:08:49458 m302 m22190
922.4 km01/09/15Model Ridge43:30818 m526 m17281
932.4 km25/04/16Monachil18:071490 m198 m22269
942.4 km02/05/14Hogden Law49:391117 m661 m19994
952.4 km24/04/16Monachil15:251270 m2 m22266
962.4 km08/06/15Marlens28:391086 m141 m17243
972.3 km14/07/17Allcock Tarn1:01:04646 m300 m19546
982.2 km03/01/15Carlton Bank1:20:59565 m169 m20100
992.1 km25/04/16Monachil20:191420 m149 m22268
1002.1 km07/04/15Model Ridge48:26529 m237 m20108
1012.1 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar06:19443 m0 m23006
1022 km26/09/15St Bees1:21:17147 m125 m22225
1031.9 km16/03/16Crimdon Dene32:2751 m27 m22250
1041.9 km16/03/16Crimdon Dene53:2449 m26 m22248
1051.9 km01/05/17Blackhall21:5574 m47 m17404
1061.9 km15/07/15Model Ridge1:43:28823 m520 m22178
1071.9 km09/05/16Crimdon Dene07:5250 m24 m17274
1081.9 km07/04/16Model Ridge46:56457 m162 m17299
1091.9 km25/03/18Carlton Bank1:38:00620 m319 m19768
1101.9 km28/09/18Moneylaws55:231168 m953 m22457
1111.9 km23/02/16Moneylaws1:31:47414 m214 m22285
1121.8 km30/08/15Mallerstang1:23:21616 m9 m22188
1131.8 km06/06/15Montlambert1:52:221032 m134 m17345
1141.7 km22/09/15Model Ridge1:12:35632 m343 m22223
1151.7 km27/12/18Cross Fell (Radar Masts)08:00507 m0 m23007
1161.7 km20/01/18Carlton Bank1:01:47429 m32 m19681
1171.7 km09/09/17Moneylaws2:06:07383 m170 m17610
1181.6 km27/08/16East Hill1:48:19440 m259 m22431
1191.6 km06/06/14East Hill1:07:18381 m190 m20042
1201.5 km11/01/19Carlton Bank32:07544 m251 m23275
1211.4 km29/07/15Moneylaws2:08:59390 m173 m22220
1221.4 km04/04/15Model Ridge35:24515 m228 m20091
1231.4 km06/06/14East Hill21:15316 m149 m19977
1241.4 km16/03/16Crimdon Dene05:4833 m7 m22214
1251.4 km17/10/18Carlton Bank2:02:41570 m181 m22484
1261.4 km01/09/18Old Bewick17:14369 m135 m13986
1271.4 km17/04/16Haig Pit39:47150 m101 m22280
1281.3 km05/04/14Old Bewick1:30:45330 m110 m20035
1291.3 km08/01/17Captain Cooks1:50:00356 m36 m17453
1301.3 km06/04/15Clough Head1:23:12880 m457 m20119
1311.2 km26/09/17East Hill1:30:36339 m124 m19708
1321.2 km09/01/19West Hill1:17:28274 m90 m23270
1331.2 km09/05/16Crimdon Dene09:1563 m37 m17275
1341.2 km18/02/16Captain Cooks33:16444 m124 m22218
1351.2 km15/08/15Carlton Bank2:08:08669 m269 m22230
1361.2 km21/02/18Model Ridge23:58331 m39 m19624
1371.1 km07/04/17Carlton Bank1:34:44783 m386 m17491
1381.1 km09/05/16Crimdon Dene11:1355 m20 m17273
1391.1 km02/05/14Hogden Law17:55590 m140 m19953
1401.1 km18/02/18Old Bewick03:57222 m0 m19620
1411.1 km20/08/17Tailbridge1:38:00841 m235 m19639
1421.1 km04/01/15Captain Cooks23:19337 m22 m20045
1431 km04/02/06Carlton Bank58:120 m0 m17612
1441 km22/03/16Carlton Bank1:06:40471 m78 m22305
1451 km07/03/18Old Bewick54:46287 m77 m17557
1461 km23/09/17Lords Seat25:03375 m66 m19594
1471 km25/06/15Captain Cooks05:18332 m4 m22077
1481 km23/12/18West Hill22:22270 m40 m22992
1491 km30/08/15Tailbridge12:24714 m194 m22126
1501 km25/05/15Carlton Bank38:36534 m218 m22073
1511 km24/12/18Old Bewick1:45:34266 m45 m23000
1520.9 km28/09/18Moneylaws03:52235 m0 m22456
1530.9 km27/06/15St Bees28:24164 m127 m22080
1540.9 km17/11/18East Hill1:15:18281 m88 m22737
1550.9 km04/08/18Model Ridge20:04462 m163 m7343
1560.9 km25/05/15Model Ridge26:51412 m111 m22047
1570.9 km04/08/18Model Ridge06:46306 m12 m7342
1580.9 km04/09/16Model Ridge46:58326 m30 m17371
1590.8 km13/07/18Allcock Tarn03:56359 m0 m6926
1600.8 km22/07/17Seaham06:2151 m28 m19494
1610.8 km25/11/18Warkworth Dunes09:2622 m16 m22987
1620.8 km18/02/18Old Bewick32:53247 m23 m19653
1630.8 km17/11/18East Hill1:08:53243 m50 m22738
1640.8 km02/08/17East Hill04:44228 m32 m17471
1650.8 km02/08/17East Hill1:52:44302 m138 m17586
1660.8 km21/01/15Knotts Flatts41:2465 m51 m21951
1670.7 km04/09/14East Hill1:03:39275 m95 m20090
1680.7 km05/08/14East Hill1:05:52268 m87 m20064
1690.7 km28/09/17Captain Cooks46:09392 m75 m19629
1700.7 km04/08/18Model Ridge09:58363 m67 m7341
1710.7 km09/05/16Crimdon Dene02:5732 m0 m17272
1720.7 km02/05/14Hogden Law37:10675 m244 m19995
1730.7 km06/06/14East Hill1:22:28294 m110 m20041
1740.6 km23/12/18West Hill34:38246 m7 m22991
1750.6 km04/01/15Captain Cooks1:39:33366 m56 m20124
1760.6 km03/06/13East Hill26:38236 m23 m19856
1770.6 km17/11/18East Hill03:37202 m11 m22739
1780.6 km04/09/14East Hill34:19261 m87 m20057
1790.6 km25/06/15Captain Cooks25:55335 m15 m22074
1800.6 km02/08/15East Hill2:05:41293 m100 m17383
1810.5 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar25:51478 m4 m23008
1820.5 km16/12/18Old Bewick39:43256 m32 m22985
1830.5 km02/05/14Hogden Law02:41427 m8 m19950
1840.5 km26/09/17East Hill03:39267 m43 m19599
1850.5 km23/12/18West Hill15:10253 m11 m22990
1860.5 km26/09/17East Hill08:39275 m70 m19598
1870.4 km24/12/18Old Bewick04:38268 m49 m23001
1880.4 km01/01/16Knotts Flatts55:1975 m63 m17290
1890.4 km17/11/18East Hill07:17227 m22 m22740
1900.4 km15/07/15Model Ridge03:20314 m15 m22096
1910.4 km02/05/14Hogden Law08:58511 m93 m19955
1920.4 km25/02/18East Hill36:33214 m67 m19661
1930.3 km18/01/19East Hill16:19257 m46 m23277
1940.3 km04/09/14East Hill02:24199 m16 m20023
1950.3 km09/03/18Titlington Pike30:41241 m17 m17565
1960.3 km18/01/19East Hill13:33222 m13 m23276
1970.3 km08/05/16East Hill42:38266 m57 m17300
1980.3 km16/12/18Old Bewick08:14231 m16 m22986
1990.3 km03/06/13East Hill08:43238 m24 m19854
2000.2 km01/05/17Crimdon Dene02:0817 m0 m17403
2010.1 km04/08/18Model Ridge02:50350 m48 m7339
2020 km04/08/18Model Ridge01:38297 m1 m7340
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
1021.3 km197 hours47347 m


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