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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
16.1 km06/02/07Clough Head27:15630 m153 m21055
25.1 km24/03/07Carrock Fell29:25682 m233 m21053
34.7 km26/05/07Swinside54:13604 m599 m21088
42.6 km03/02/07Jenkin09:40828 m0 m17784
52.4 km01/04/07Glencoe08:04673 m0 m20782
62.2 km02/02/07Haig Pit30:52277 m193 m20804
72.1 km06/04/07Clough Head1:13:151102 m641 m17853
82 km06/04/07Clough Head39:19893 m642 m17854
92 km29/01/07Barton Fell39:29599 m186 m19291
101.7 km25/02/07Walla Crag57:27486 m66 m17816
111.5 km21/03/07Bewaldeth37:12639 m222 m17830
121.5 km07/04/07Swinside20:13472 m113 m21634
131.4 km25/03/07Horden27:1673 m37 m20813
141.4 km25/03/07Horden29:0371 m41 m20979
151.4 km16/02/07Hownam Law16:04502 m144 m17797
161.4 km25/03/07Horden21:2367 m38 m20986
171.3 km07/04/07Swinside19:34486 m0 m21631
181.3 km06/02/07Clough Head29:11664 m217 m21056
191.2 km01/04/07Glencoe07:42681 m17 m20774
201.2 km25/03/07Horden14:16104 m77 m17839
211.2 km06/02/07Clough Head07:33460 m0 m21060
221.2 km29/01/07Barton Fell11:13476 m65 m17772
231.2 km20/05/07Bewaldeth55:29466 m254 m17904
241.2 km06/02/07Clough Head16:24594 m40 m21057
251.1 km01/04/07Glencoe06:57685 m8 m20776
261.1 km31/03/07Glencoe24:10757 m55 m20777
271.1 km01/04/07Glencoe20:17682 m6 m20775
281.1 km29/01/07Barton Fell27:19549 m134 m17771
291.1 km31/03/07Glencoe10:06739 m10 m20778
301.1 km27/03/07Souther1:05:28688 m195 m21605
311.1 km07/04/07Buttermere Moss33:32677 m590 m20287
321 km11/04/07Bewaldeth34:47482 m102 m17862
331 km17/02/07Cringle Moor03:58346 m5 m17800
341 km27/03/07Souther44:59568 m76 m21604
351 km25/03/07Horden12:5658 m29 m20991
361 km06/02/07Clough Head09:40613 m103 m21058
371 km21/03/07Bewaldeth17:04432 m168 m17828
381 km24/02/07Benty Hill08:50543 m339 m17813
391 km17/02/07Model Ridge06:14319 m1 m17803
400.9 km09/05/07Bewaldeth55:13671 m323 m20978
410.9 km06/02/07Clough Head12:42594 m12 m21059
420.9 km26/05/07St Bees1:02:21125 m119 m21616
430.9 km06/04/07Clough Head1:15:08914 m528 m20486
440.9 km11/04/07Bewaldeth37:48472 m84 m17865
450.9 km01/02/07Bewaldeth29:56310 m17 m17775
460.8 km02/03/07Hownam Law37:57455 m112 m17822
470.8 km21/03/07Bewaldeth17:16329 m26 m20950
480.8 km02/03/07Hownam Law21:27399 m89 m17821
490.8 km26/05/07Lowca17:1677 m10 m17907
500.7 km16/02/07Hownam Law10:01353 m36 m21065
510.6 km25/01/07Clough Head13:27673 m13 m17769
520.6 km11/04/07Bewaldeth31:14494 m163 m17866
530.6 km17/12/06Tailbridge16:07538 m20 m21635
540.5 km21/03/07Bewaldeth13:49321 m71 m17829
550.5 km21/03/07Bewaldeth04:13387 m8 m20946
560.5 km16/02/07Hownam Law08:46489 m0 m21052
570.5 km21/03/07Bewaldeth11:52379 m54 m21753
580.5 km21/03/07Bewaldeth10:11466 m99 m20996
590.5 km06/04/07Clough Head20:11568 m131 m17855
600.4 km07/03/07Cross Fell52:22598 m118 m21062
610.4 km18/02/07Bewaldeth53:56341 m68 m17812
620.3 km21/03/07Bewaldeth12:07738 m329 m17831
630.3 km26/03/07Horden15:296 m3 m21061
640.3 km16/02/07Hownam Law11:16421 m61 m20921
650.3 km24/03/07Carrock Fell05:07433 m0 m21063
660.3 km09/05/07Bewaldeth22:50302 m78 m17891
670.3 km11/04/07Bewaldeth25:22333 m34 m17859
680.3 km21/03/07Bewaldeth07:54458 m42 m17832
690.2 km24/03/07Carrock Fell06:32432 m0 m21064
700.2 km17/02/07Model Ridge07:34315 m24 m17805
710.2 km17/02/07Model Ridge05:43328 m22 m17804
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
82.6 km29 hours8493 m


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