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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
154.6 km20/09/09Parlick2:27:321116 m708 m21465
246.4 km12/09/07Chabre3:12:342915 m1577 m20474
339.7 km15/09/07Chabre2:27:482755 m1413 m20436
430.8 km08/09/07Chabre2:24:482677 m1337 m20434
522.6 km10/09/07Chabre1:47:122459 m1123 m20435
618.3 km10/05/08Ben More1:02:281175 m163 m21893
716.3 km16/11/08Clough Head59:59923 m425 m21325
815.8 km05/11/08Marsk49:38202 m173 m20273
913.4 km28/09/08Clough Head1:14:01902 m465 m20485
1013.3 km08/10/08Cross Fell (Radar Masts)1:28:00827 m395 m21373
1111.8 km13/04/09Scales45:261010 m411 m19780
1211.7 km31/05/10Saltburn1:11:09236 m189 m21526
1310.7 km13/07/08Cross Fell43:131085 m498 m21137
1410.7 km04/06/08Cross Fell (Radar Masts)52:541298 m900 m21768
159.6 km13/09/07Chabre1:29:352697 m1363 m20443
168.8 km03/05/10Tinto54:55863 m407 m21707
178 km22/07/07Jenkin33:421075 m565 m20971
187.6 km10/05/08Meall nanTarmachan50:331052 m548 m21895
197 km05/06/10Jenkin1:04:021094 m440 m21556
206.6 km09/05/10Yevering Bell1:57:56768 m520 m21904
216.2 km19/04/09Ben Lawers26:52996 m149 m19320
224.3 km31/05/08Model Ridge1:44:18650 m360 m21261
233.9 km05/04/09Parlick56:041039 m799 m21420
243.6 km31/05/08Model Ridge20:14601 m305 m21209
253.6 km06/09/07Col de Forclaz27:251369 m84 m21805
263.1 km19/03/08Clough Head1:34:081172 m722 m20538
272.8 km18/05/08Marsk1:17:5586 m22 m21108
282.7 km13/09/07Mevouillon34:171277 m121 m21327
292.1 km27/04/08Meall nanTarmachan17:01901 m0 m18085
301.9 km20/09/08Bewaldeth1:57:47567 m309 m19359
311.7 km11/05/08Lochearnhead52:07717 m434 m21892
321.6 km13/07/08Cross Fell (Radar Masts)32:29572 m183 m21139
331.6 km22/07/07Bewaldeth30:08456 m200 m20983
341.4 km07/06/08Ullock Pike29:33655 m318 m21043
351.4 km10/01/08Bandpur1:31:151216 m162 m21368
361.3 km19/03/08Clough Head58:591036 m587 m20499
371.3 km07/06/08Ullock Pike28:35636 m66 m21042
381.3 km13/07/08Cross Fell (Radar Masts)22:30532 m62 m21138
391.3 km08/07/07Bewaldeth47:24555 m283 m19347
400.9 km13/07/08Cross Fell23:08642 m176 m21150
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
411.7 km45 hours18962 m


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