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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
118.8 km15/07/07Whernside2:50:131145 m622 m17944
215.7 km10/08/07Long Mynd (south)1:05:581155 m742 m17958
314.5 km08/08/07Pant Hill1:04:091622 m1222 m17957
411.4 km22/07/07Bewaldeth52:43907 m481 m17953
510.1 km21/03/07Clough Head2:25:020 m0 m17833
68.5 km03/06/08Ullock Pike1:47:08977 m669 m18121
77.8 km08/04/08Ullock Pike42:23845 m543 m18069
87.3 km01/04/12Clough Head23:14893 m509 m18767
97.2 km03/09/07Clough Head1:30:06978 m520 m17969
107.2 km19/02/12Haig Pit2:23:10249 m186 m18756
117 km07/04/07Clough Head58:000 m0 m17858
126.8 km13/06/08Ullock Pike40:56872 m570 m18132
136.4 km05/05/07Glyderau1:08:300 m0 m17890
146.3 km16/11/08Latrigg51:171018 m660 m18279
156.3 km06/06/08Whiteless Pike2:25:52768 m119 m18125
166.1 km07/06/08Ullock Pike19:58676 m351 m18130
176 km13/07/08Ullock Pike1:15:18785 m457 m18176
185.9 km07/04/07Clough Head56:000 m0 m17857
195.8 km19/07/09Silecroft1:46:2989 m82 m18488
205.5 km08/07/07Bewaldeth1:39:30958 m691 m17938
215.3 km06/01/08Silecroft1:06:380 m0 m18026
225 km01/06/07Blease Fell1:16:180 m0 m17910
235 km17/06/12St Bees2:05:37100 m82 m18786
244.9 km12/05/07St Bees2:37:370 m0 m17893
254.7 km12/04/07Jenkin50:120 m0 m17868
264.6 km17/06/12St Bees1:19:52112 m62 m18787
274.4 km08/07/12Haig Pit34:06194 m133 m18788
284.4 km15/05/08Sandbeds50:271333 m902 m18099
294.3 km15/04/07Ullock Pike51:250 m0 m17871
304.2 km28/03/12Clough Head2:09:281159 m806 m18766
314.2 km09/06/07Model Ridge1:38:070 m0 m17916
323.6 km24/03/12Blease Fell2:37:121189 m697 m18761
333.5 km19/02/12Haig Pit52:28237 m179 m18755
343.4 km20/05/07St Bees2:09:490 m0 m17905
353.3 km18/03/12Barton Fell1:11:10707 m288 m18760
363.2 km12/07/08White Hill1:28:34588 m262 m18170
373 km14/05/08Sandbeds1:46:540 m0 m18096
382.8 km15/05/08Sandbeds1:27:001256 m799 m18100
392.4 km02/02/12Blease Fell1:00:58955 m240 m18750
402.3 km27/01/08St Bees1:57:550 m0 m18030
412.2 km18/03/12Barton Fell45:06603 m181 m18759
422.2 km23/04/08Jenkin1:25:231040 m540 m18082
432.2 km11/03/12Walla Crag21:53377 m3 m18757
442 km29/03/09Bewaldeth2:34:28639 m382 m18374
451.8 km11/04/07Ullock Pike1:22:370 m0 m17867
461.7 km09/06/07Model Ridge30:430 m0 m17915
471.7 km06/06/07BurnBank47:590 m0 m17911
481.7 km21/03/09Clough Head27:50774 m272 m18369
491.7 km04/08/08Bewaldeth3:12:19641 m364 m18254
501.7 km07/06/08Ullock Pike23:32491 m158 m18131
511.5 km02/03/10Carrock Fell12:22651 m0 m18623
521.5 km20/06/10Barton Fell45:371045 m626 m18692
531.5 km07/03/10Jenkin14:02699 m41 m18625
541.5 km20/06/10Barton Fell52:28859 m438 m18690
551.5 km27/12/08Souther Fell1:10:08589 m101 m18296
561.3 km15/09/09Carrock Fell31:06604 m159 m18528
571.3 km31/03/09Bewaldeth1:00:34541 m333 m18375
581.2 km24/03/07Carrock Fell20:440 m0 m17838
591.2 km20/06/10Barton Fell26:45564 m111 m18691
601.1 km03/01/09Clough Head19:21526 m13 m18303
611.1 km07/12/08St Bees09:4538 m37 m18289
621.1 km21/03/09Clough Head26:56683 m215 m18368
631 km17/09/09Carrock Fell22:33597 m0 m18531
641 km07/09/09St Bees20:4559 m51 m18515
651 km07/09/09St Bees1:48:0983 m63 m18516
661 km17/09/09Sandbeds07:13489 m0 m18530
671 km07/09/09St Bees1:09:4273 m57 m18517
680.9 km07/12/08St Bees44:5757 m46 m18288
690.9 km10/04/10Blease Fell16:45740 m9 m18632
700.8 km09/09/09Clough Head30:55525 m143 m18522
710.7 km30/01/10Maryport1:07:3990 m56 m18610
720.7 km15/03/09St Bees16:3199 m27 m18364
730.7 km02/02/12Blease Fell11:12823 m73 m18749
740.7 km06/01/09St Bees17:0299 m26 m18306
750.7 km15/03/09St Bees28:23135 m61 m18363
760.6 km20/02/10St Bees36:35151 m70 m18618
770.6 km17/04/10St Bees16:0386 m18 m18650
780.5 km19/02/12Haig Pit15:3392 m28 m18754
790.5 km09/01/09Bewaldeth23:26305 m73 m18307
800.4 km06/02/09Maryport27:2787 m39 m18316
810.4 km11/09/09Haig Pit16:33153 m24 m18526
820.3 km09/01/09Bewaldeth17:20304 m68 m18308
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
298.2 km86 hours17780 m


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