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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
132 km07/08/14Dodd Fell1:21:441601 m1021 m18882
216.4 km04/08/14Cross Fell3:29:411121 m682 m18973
316 km31/08/14Clough Head3:20:331077 m625 m18972
412.8 km26/07/14Blease Fell2:54:471384 m880 m18935
511.6 km14/03/15Crimdon Dene1:23:08152 m139 m18942
69.4 km26/06/14Humbleton Hill34:111276 m983 m18837
77 km20/07/14Clough Head2:19:421020 m552 m18920
82.2 km26/06/14Humbelton Hill47:02722 m440 m18864
92 km15/03/15Crimdon Dene1:33:1274 m48 m18944
101.5 km03/01/15Carlton Bank31:27522 m209 m18866
111.4 km01/04/15Blyth Beach06:0717 m13 m18850
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
112.3 km18 hours5592 m


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