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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
14.8 km23/07/17Carlton Bank2:49:44587 m183 m19292
21.8 km01/09/17Model Ridge2:09:42615 m317 m19278
31.3 km16/09/17Wolf Crag2:01:23714 m217 m19281
41.3 km13/08/17Wether Fell4:22:061023 m464 m19363
50.8 km20/08/17Cross Fell2:14:38535 m99 m19271
60.7 km08/08/17Humbleton Hill16:02311 m32 m17481
70.5 km21/08/17East Hill1:25:17259 m42 m19195
80.5 km09/09/17Moneylaws1:03:57267 m55 m19201
90.4 km26/08/17Cross Fell1:30:17479 m37 m19233
100.3 km02/09/17Old Bewick1:13:33260 m38 m19203
110.3 km06/08/17Titlington Pike1:27:38251 m28 m19177
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
12.7 km21 hours1512 m


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