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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
186.3 km14/05/16Tinto3:41:311756 m1300 m19069
286.1 km14/05/16Tinto3:09:481756 m1269 m19149
361.7 km18/04/14Model Ridge3:45:340 m0 m18999
446.8 km24/08/14Wether Fell2:19:120 m0 m19326
539.3 km11/04/14Wether Fell2:10:020 m0 m18918
638.7 km23/05/15Cross Fell4:03:250 m0 m19070
733.9 km10/04/16Devils Beef Tub2:31:281277 m817 m19015
833.7 km26/05/14Lords Seat1:25:530 m0 m19232
931.6 km17/05/14Eyam Edge1:19:020 m0 m19235
1025.4 km25/05/13Wether Fell2:36:450 m0 m18930
1124.6 km23/08/14Moneylaws1:27:20787 m547 m19241
1220.4 km15/07/15Carlton Bank54:450 m0 m18887
1318.5 km02/06/13Hownam Law1:28:430 m0 m18877
1417.8 km18/10/15Marsk2:53:040 m0 m19053
1515.3 km09/05/15Moneylaws1:20:330 m0 m18912
1613.5 km08/07/07Cross Fell1:07:23908 m832 m17459
1711.7 km17/04/17Model Ridge48:351323 m1022 m19108
1811.4 km13/07/13Clough Head30:350 m0 m18831
1911.1 km14/03/15Crimdon Dene2:45:130 m0 m18978
2010.8 km01/08/16Cross Fell1:06:511226 m683 m18970
2110.8 km01/08/16Cross Fell29:371226 m687 m19042
2210.6 km18/04/15Hogden Law30:260 m0 m18873
2310.3 km20/06/12East Hill58:420 m0 m18826
248.6 km24/04/16Moneylaws1:03:401238 m1003 m18967
258.3 km23/08/14Moneylaws28:520 m0 m19165
268 km25/07/12Humbelton Hill1:02:400 m0 m18853
275.8 km12/03/17Cross Fell1:59:28676 m203 m19173
285.8 km07/08/14Dodd Fell26:390 m0 m19164
295.5 km09/04/15Cross Fell23:080 m0 m18857
305.4 km16/08/15Tailbridge49:130 m0 m18910
314.6 km26/08/13Hownam Law45:120 m0 m18832
324.2 km27/09/15Blease Fell1:02:100 m0 m18950
334.2 km28/02/16Model Ridge1:04:28506 m205 m18961
344.2 km04/04/15Model Ridge1:19:450 m0 m18902
354 km05/10/13Cross Fell2:22:400 m0 m18817
363.8 km08/04/17Blease Fell1:44:21974 m482 m19156
373.2 km03/04/16Blease Fell54:31722 m226 m18963
383.1 km20/03/16Model Ridge39:06540 m238 m21049
392.9 km01/03/13Marsk37:000 m0 m18829
402.8 km15/05/16Model Ridge42:51894 m589 m19017
412.7 km14/06/15Humbelton Hill1:12:500 m0 m18915
422.7 km29/01/17Tinto3:05:09701 m276 m21299
432.6 km05/10/13Cross Fell21:000 m0 m18818
442.1 km27/12/18Cross Fell (Radar Masts)1:32:24533 m0 m23004
452 km15/03/15Crimdon Dene1:04:100 m0 m18892
461.9 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar09:28444 m0 m23005
471.9 km06/05/17Crimdon Dene1:02:0459 m37 m19137
481.8 km22/04/17Cringle Moor1:31:151078 m685 m19161
491.5 km27/08/16East Hill1:02:26485 m268 m19087
501.4 km06/09/15Carlton Bank1:59:200 m0 m18994
511.3 km04/04/15Model Ridge1:05:280 m0 m18900
521.3 km31/08/15Wolf Crag32:220 m0 m18917
531 km27/02/16Yevering Bell1:56:55444 m90 m18984
540.7 km18/04/15Hogden Law53:120 m0 m18872
550.6 km08/05/16East Hill1:44:45277 m68 m18990
560.5 km27/08/16East Hill1:04:22339 m116 m19086
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
780.7 km81 hours11643 m


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