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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
150.4 km13/08/17Wether Fell2:48:361423 m867 m19720
243.2 km03/02/16Vereda Poterito3:23:102389 m888 m17463
342.5 km09/09/15Planfait3:08:592221 m1292 m17454
437.7 km21/01/18Roldanillo3:02:552361 m621 m19846
533.4 km27/01/18Roldanillo4:40:592334 m591 m19945
630.6 km29/01/17Vereda Poterito1:56:562055 m557 m22430
729.1 km30/01/17Roldanillo2:21:182309 m565 m22435
824.9 km31/01/16Jerico3:05:522515 m536 m22392
923 km01/02/16Jerico2:26:552980 m1003 m17395
1021.6 km26/01/16Vereda Poterito1:43:002385 m885 m22277
1121 km15/01/18Vereda Poterito1:50:542146 m645 m19717
1218.8 km14/05/16Tinto58:491425 m931 m22348
1317.1 km23/01/18Roldanillo1:57:191873 m132 m19727
1417.1 km28/01/18Roldanillo1:34:141929 m187 m19729
1516 km24/01/18Roldanillo2:39:152166 m430 m19818
1615.1 km27/01/17Roldanillo2:18:582235 m483 m22433
1715.1 km10/09/15Semnoz1:38:251873 m443 m22226
1815 km19/01/18Roldanillo4:12:382145 m397 m19912
1914.3 km30/01/16Jerico1:26:002313 m343 m22249
2013.8 km28/01/17Vereda Poterito2:20:482189 m698 m22434
2112.5 km25/01/16Vereda Poterito1:13:521877 m373 m22241
2212.1 km19/03/16Marsk2:15:50391 m373 m22364
2311.7 km27/01/16Vereda Poterito1:23:492427 m953 m22243
2411.3 km05/02/16Vereda Poterito50:572129 m625 m17293
2510.6 km22/01/18Roldanillo47:331859 m111 m19642
269.9 km18/06/16Buttermere Moss1:56:321004 m496 m22410
279.3 km07/09/15Planfait1:43:251740 m811 m17355
288.8 km26/01/18Vereda Poterito59:591769 m267 m19695
298.1 km10/05/15Babadag29:381949 m23 m22035
308 km17/01/18Vereda Poterito44:331833 m327 m19636
317.5 km14/09/14Crimdon Dene2:16:0590 m67 m22031
327.5 km25/01/18Roldanillo47:181846 m94 m19645
337.4 km01/05/15Crimdon Dene1:32:1769 m39 m20134
347.3 km22/03/15Cross Fell49:54853 m320 m22003
356.9 km24/01/16El Pomo22:042065 m191 m22179
366.8 km30/04/16Carlton Bank41:15985 m583 m22310
375.8 km12/03/17Cross Fell1:30:01604 m139 m19493
385.5 km07/05/15Babadag24:541772 m7 m20098
395.5 km05/05/15Babadag28:171765 m5 m20097
405.4 km08/05/15Babadag24:461775 m0 m20102
415.4 km16/01/18Vereda Poterito1:04:541858 m356 m19671
425.3 km08/05/15Babadag24:091701 m3 m20101
435.2 km14/03/15Horden2:04:29113 m70 m22052
445.2 km14/03/15Horden1:05:1175 m37 m21985
455.1 km28/01/16Vereda Poterito26:492096 m590 m22184
464.9 km28/09/14Cross Fell1:17:27751 m221 m21974
474.8 km08/09/15Col de Forclaz43:301637 m406 m17287
484.8 km05/09/15Col de Forclaz41:401642 m376 m17282
494.6 km20/01/18Vereda Poterito41:171755 m244 m19638
503.7 km18/01/18Roldanillo28:051740 m0 m19608
513.2 km01/06/14Cross Fell1:05:081010 m476 m20032
523 km13/03/16Tinto39:21736 m29 m22236
533 km13/03/16Tinto2:22:41750 m312 m22333
542.9 km23/01/16El Pomo42:202174 m297 m22203
552.7 km02/05/14Crimdon Dene54:5971 m40 m19991
562.7 km07/08/14Dodd Fell27:07741 m174 m20014
572.6 km29/01/16Vereda Poterito32:341581 m100 m22213
582.5 km20/03/16Model Ridge42:40529 m239 m22264
592.5 km01/05/17Crimdon Dene1:26:41122 m110 m17473
602.5 km10/09/16Tailbridge1:05:33641 m104 m22426
612.5 km30/08/15Clough Head2:06:44794 m299 m22247
622.4 km06/07/13Jenkin2:44:18946 m364 m20044
632.3 km31/01/17Vereda Poterito19:141691 m183 m22418
642.3 km04/02/16Vereda Poterito22:561590 m88 m17262
652 km02/05/14Crimdon Dene1:10:2259 m26 m20016
661.9 km06/05/17Crimdon Dene1:30:5347 m46 m17520
671.8 km28/09/14Cross Fell06:30485 m4 m21918
681.7 km07/08/14Dodd Fell1:13:20794 m225 m20073
691.7 km16/07/17Carlton Bank1:28:20950 m548 m19553
701.7 km01/07/17Captain Cooks11:02448 m109 m17446
711.5 km26/03/17Souther2:02:24747 m311 m19533
721.5 km08/09/15Planfait1:00:251255 m326 m17320
731.4 km13/09/14Hownam Law03:42418 m0 m21909
741.3 km28/02/16Saltburn38:4761 m21 m22228
751.3 km11/09/15Planfait32:031112 m183 m22167
761.3 km03/05/14Jenkin17:13657 m0 m19965
771.2 km25/03/17Clough Head04:26499 m0 m19387
781.1 km08/09/15Planfait32:571035 m107 m17286
791.1 km26/09/17East Hill32:49326 m103 m19626
801 km07/09/14Model Ridge09:47334 m44 m20031
810.8 km27/08/16East Hill2:01:43379 m164 m22438
820.8 km15/05/16Model Ridge32:53371 m79 m22326
830.8 km26/09/17East Hill1:06:52313 m117 m19655
840.7 km30/04/16Carlton Bank18:39554 m162 m22276
850.7 km23/09/17Lords Seat36:59347 m45 m19622
860.5 km04/09/14East Hill2:04:49276 m77 m20128
870.5 km30/09/17Old Bewick1:00:57294 m66 m19667
880.5 km23/09/17Lords Seat09:07344 m33 m19593
890.5 km01/07/17Captain Cooks30:36368 m41 m17483
900.5 km14/08/16Hownam Law1:04:24517 m99 m22394
910.5 km03/09/14East Hill2:01:16313 m102 m20125
920.5 km12/08/15East Hill1:17:11295 m78 m22171
930.5 km08/07/13East Hill10:39205 m4 m19901
940.5 km13/09/14East Hill04:49209 m1 m21911
950.5 km08/09/13Old Bewick2:52:54367 m132 m20072
960.5 km08/09/13Old Bewick10:53263 m43 m19923
970.4 km06/06/14East Hill29:47280 m76 m20009
980.4 km05/07/17East Hill1:05:28297 m90 m17523
990.4 km04/09/14East Hill04:01225 m10 m20022
1000.4 km04/01/15Captain Cooks1:01:47357 m28 m20106
1010.4 km28/09/14Cross Fell1:12:36584 m73 m21971
1020.3 km26/09/17East Hill10:44228 m10 m19597
1030.3 km13/09/14East Hill1:01:26250 m31 m21963
1040.3 km05/05/16Titlington Pike25:33252 m37 m17268
1050.3 km05/07/17East Hill12:28219 m11 m17450
1060.3 km06/06/14East Hill31:57229 m22 m20008
1070.2 km05/07/17East Hill07:08219 m16 m17451
1080.2 km05/07/17East Hill10:25207 m3 m17452
1090.2 km13/09/14East Hill18:16228 m18 m21910
1100.2 km08/07/13East Hill13:02221 m18 m19899
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
790.8 km131 hours27155 m


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