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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
152.4 km19/09/09Semerwater33:21646 m201 m19815
213.4 km09/08/09Cross Fell1:34:15903 m356 m17567
37.9 km18/05/08Yevering Bell1:43:51755 m654 m19694
47 km20/09/09Cross Fell3:38:401248 m733 m19849
55 km18/09/09Semerwater54:23958 m508 m19812
65 km19/04/09Blease Fell3:04:181417 m842 m19852
73.3 km20/08/07Wolf Crag1:53:44803 m315 m19583
82.9 km13/06/09Cross Fell1:56:191164 m728 m19802
92.5 km22/07/07Cross Fell1:27:450 m0 m19486
102.4 km11/08/07Cross Fell07:37544 m8 m19525
112.1 km18/09/09Semerwater28:43597 m145 m19814
122.1 km18/05/08Akeld28:54378 m122 m19693
131.4 km20/04/08Horden19:312568 m70 m19646
141.2 km11/08/07Cross Fell22:13702 m167 m19526
151.1 km21/03/09Carlton Bank18:34731 m326 m19773
160.4 km21/03/09Carlton Bank17:31582 m177 m19772
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
110.1 km19 hours5352 m


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