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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
136.5 km11/04/09Cross Fell1:24:421530 m988 m19774
233.1 km08/06/08Cross Fell1:21:521423 m909 m17530
326.9 km26/08/07Wether Fell1:07:131438 m864 m19550
423.9 km20/09/09Cross Fell1:08:581359 m820 m19816
515.8 km22/06/14Melmerby Low Scar45:571132 m620 m22805
613.7 km19/04/16Melmerby Low Scar42:541364 m925 m22811
711.3 km03/09/07Model Ridge56:58919 m619 m17497
810.8 km20/05/07Cross Fell38:34944 m400 m19433
910.2 km24/05/09Cross Fell30:241447 m901 m19797
109.1 km23/05/15Cross Fell34:051230 m715 m22062
118.8 km08/08/09Cross Fell33:24929 m393 m17566
126.7 km28/09/08Broughton38:36700 m231 m19764
136.6 km01/04/09Blease Fell56:58960 m393 m17555
146.5 km23/09/08Carrock Fell29:29628 m324 m19759
156.5 km05/04/09Staggs Fell47:541016 m542 m17558
166.2 km08/07/07Cross Fell36:41711 m244 m17460
175.4 km13/05/15Crimdon Dene24:3731 m16 m22017
183.8 km14/03/15Blackhall1:18:0041 m40 m21986
193.3 km12/05/09Horden1:45:41102 m62 m19832
203.2 km19/04/09Blease Fell45:481063 m571 m19784
213.1 km17/05/08Horden19:3071 m34 m19682
223 km30/05/14Robinson08:47615 m11 m22766
232.8 km18/10/15Marsk1:19:3866 m65 m22815
242.8 km19/03/16Marsk1:08:5584 m82 m22842
252.7 km24/06/14Horden15:1826 m23 m22767
262.4 km26/09/15Blease Fell09:37925 m0 m22784
272.3 km31/05/08Cringle Moor26:18572 m279 m19711
282.2 km22/07/14Blease Fell08:10608 m3 m22768
292.1 km17/05/08Horden24:3574 m41 m19679
302 km14/09/14Crimdon Dene53:2035 m34 m22807
311.9 km13/09/09Carrock Fell1:01:08780 m396 m19809
321.9 km13/05/15Horden22:0731 m30 m22022
331.7 km20/09/08Bewaldeth28:20442 m174 m19753
341.7 km15/03/15Crimdon Dene40:0121 m17 m21958
351.7 km19/01/08Cross Fell36:05817 m269 m20647
361.7 km24/02/16Model Ridge29:47167 m163 m22810
371.7 km18/05/08Model Ridge23:06545 m242 m19698
381.6 km15/06/14Model Ridge42:19574 m271 m22804
391.6 km23/09/08Carrock Fell25:07852 m321 m19761
401.6 km13/04/09Horden45:0770 m31 m19778
411.5 km13/05/15Blackhall19:1538 m35 m22023
421.5 km17/05/08Horden27:3776 m66 m19680
431.5 km09/08/09Cross Fell58:57781 m236 m17569
441.5 km08/07/07Cross Fell28:19678 m210 m17461
451.4 km13/07/08Cross Fell45:22884 m330 m19728
461.4 km18/05/08Model Ridge24:48445 m149 m19697
471.4 km13/09/14Hownam Law04:57445 m0 m22770
481.3 km25/07/09Cross Fell1:00:07633 m110 m19806
491.3 km13/05/15Horden08:5732 m31 m22020
501.2 km13/04/09Horden12:2663 m28 m19779
511.2 km19/01/08Cross Fell22:54673 m127 m20650
521.2 km01/03/09Cross Fell59:53710 m189 m17551
531.2 km03/09/07Model Ridge33:53745 m449 m17498
541.1 km03/05/14Cross Fell25:05146 m142 m19964
551.1 km16/03/16Crimdon Dene16:2530 m27 m22793
561.1 km19/04/16Cross Fell (Radar Masts)05:55581 m5 m22794
571.1 km20/09/08Latrigg11:58359 m1 m19755
581 km15/03/09Cross Fell1:23:09882 m420 m19813
591 km07/09/14Model Ridge23:55330 m72 m22831
600.9 km14/06/15Humbelton Hill04:57305 m1 m22783
610.9 km11/06/15Alnmouth1:01:0183 m75 m22116
620.9 km23/09/08Sandbeds12:36441 m0 m19760
630.9 km05/07/15Lords Seat32:25596 m351 m17279
640.9 km16/03/16Crimdon Dene03:2929 m28 m22792
650.8 km24/02/16Carlton Bank06:27302 m9 m22787
660.8 km14/06/14Humbleton Hill13:27427 m125 m22765
670.8 km24/02/16Model Ridge11:46353 m2 m22788
680.7 km16/08/15Tailbridge29:14550 m98 m22781
690.7 km01/11/15Cross Fell03:1651 m7 m22758
700.6 km17/07/14Cross Fell09:50554 m42 m22769
710.6 km01/07/14Humbleton Hill08:57301 m38 m22829
720.6 km16/08/15Tailbridge07:32496 m37 m22780
730.6 km01/06/07East Hill26:17238 m38 m17424
740.6 km30/06/15East Hill24:5465 m64 m22777
750.6 km30/08/15Tailbridge37:49427 m62 m22809
760.5 km01/07/14Humbleton Hill08:27265 m0 m22830
770.5 km27/09/15East Hill13:21106 m105 m22786
780.5 km27/09/15East Hill02:17105 m101 m22785
790.5 km03/07/15East Hill18:5548 m45 m17246
800.5 km23/05/15Cross Fell08:14519 m5 m22039
810.5 km16/08/15Tailbridge05:35480 m22 m22779
820.4 km20/09/08Bewaldeth16:41389 m138 m19754
830.4 km30/08/15Tailbridge09:14420 m60 m22782
840.4 km03/07/15East Hill02:4834 m28 m22833
850.4 km18/06/16Buttermere Moss07:34543 m30 m22796
860.4 km20/05/07Cross Fell19:11694 m144 m19435
870.4 km20/09/08Bewaldeth17:00305 m61 m19752
880.4 km20/05/08East Hill34:45247 m34 m19710
890.4 km18/06/16Buttermere Moss29:04652 m127 m22797
900.4 km18/05/08Model Ridge12:48396 m92 m19699
910.3 km16/03/16Crimdon Dene03:0427 m26 m22791
920.3 km20/05/08East Hill17:30226 m14 m19705
930.3 km18/06/16Buttermere Moss02:57555 m33 m22795
940.3 km13/07/08Cross Fell15:28614 m73 m19726
950.3 km19/01/08Cross Fell11:37578 m40 m20648
960.3 km14/06/15Humbleton Hill06:05325 m24 m22776
970.3 km28/02/16Model Ridge06:08363 m68 m22789
980.3 km04/10/15East Hill02:4183 m79 m22757
990.3 km31/05/08Model Ridge12:38342 m43 m19712
1000.3 km21/06/08East Hill42:40266 m47 m19715
1010.3 km07/09/14Model Ridge05:58269 m27 m22832
1020.2 km06/06/16East Hill04:43231 m2 m22840
1030.2 km21/09/08Cross Fell14:49546 m5 m19757
1040.2 km06/06/16East Hill04:29230 m4 m22839
1050.2 km06/06/16East Hill05:03239 m11 m22838
1060.2 km20/05/08East Hill14:49241 m30 m19706
1070.2 km06/06/16East Hill07:44232 m1 m22841
1080.2 km06/06/16East Hill09:17244 m14 m22837
1090.2 km06/06/16East Hill07:09242 m12 m22836
1100.2 km16/08/15Tailbridge05:15495 m39 m22778
1110.2 km11/04/09Cross Fell16:26672 m132 m19775
1120.2 km28/02/16Model Ridge02:26301 m5 m22790
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
338.8 km50 hours18388 m


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