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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
138.6 km29/07/07Moneylaws1:03:321576 m1336 m21355
235.2 km20/04/07Planfait3:16:422936 m1981 m19265
332.5 km13/07/13Clough Head1:53:341212 m753 m20528
413.4 km18/02/07Scales53:591212 m755 m21565
513.2 km06/10/18Moneylaws1:12:12815 m598 m22824
612.9 km21/07/07Saltburn1:21:07269 m237 m21573
79.8 km02/09/17Old Bewick46:211118 m893 m17524
89.8 km26/08/13Hownam Law56:18972 m619 m20942
98.3 km22/07/07Jenkin1:06:051014 m539 m19538
107.9 km18/06/17Cross Fell1:34:121019 m468 m19576
117.7 km17/04/17Model Ridge49:40964 m665 m22814
126.4 km19/04/07Col de Forclaz1:35:351608 m324 m19267
136.1 km20/05/07Cross Fell3:02:181325 m778 m21886
145.8 km28/05/17Clough Head59:27756 m272 m22850
155.6 km06/07/13Cross Fell1:15:23761 m348 m19886
165.6 km17/08/07Cross Fell2:08:181143 m588 m19609
174.2 km22/04/17Model Ridge1:07:301100 m803 m22848
184.1 km23/07/17Model Ridge1:38:41558 m257 m22871
193.7 km23/11/16Model Ridge44:33301 m81 m22803
203.3 km08/04/17Blease Fell51:19840 m339 m17430
213.1 km26/08/07Wether Fell55:52917 m342 m19552
223 km26/08/07Wether Fell44:53870 m309 m19551
232.8 km11/02/07Cross Fell1:23:11665 m233 m20584
242.8 km01/09/17Model Ridge50:15501 m209 m17521
252.8 km12/03/17Cross Fell1:20:55640 m197 m22847
262.6 km22/09/07Cross Fell1:22:16898 m347 m19621
272.5 km05/08/18Cross Fell1:43:211042 m500 m22875
282.3 km21/01/17Blease Fell07:20439 m0 m22798
292.2 km26/08/17Cross Fell (Radar Masts)25:39533 m1 m22822
302.1 km11/08/07Cross Fell05:55548 m0 m20795
312 km22/07/07Bewaldeth1:32:50729 m498 m21023
321.9 km18/06/17Cross Fell (Radar Masts)07:09536 m0 m22816
331.8 km16/09/17Wolf Crag45:31628 m140 m22857
341.7 km08/07/17Dodd Fell16:01684 m135 m22846
351.6 km17/02/07Cringle Moor39:01461 m120 m21153
361.6 km10/08/17Millers Leap50:04579 m192 m22852
371.5 km02/02/07Cringle Moor12:01506 m0 m21157
381.5 km10/08/17Cross Fell (Radar Masts)05:52551 m0 m22818
391.4 km22/09/13Cross Fell1:38:48747 m288 m20585
401.4 km20/12/06Mala26:47515 m331 m17763
411.4 km13/08/17Wether Fell19:26597 m60 m22820
421.4 km19/12/06Mala33:42365 m188 m21006
431.4 km07/03/17Cross Fell1:37:54647 m158 m22874
441.4 km25/08/18Model Ridge57:26701 m406 m22862
451.4 km14/03/08Cross Fell1:30:49869 m321 m19628
461.2 km19/12/06Mala32:13326 m150 m21005
471.2 km11/08/07Cross Fell24:06631 m85 m19523
481.2 km19/01/08Cross Fell25:55767 m223 m19610
491.2 km26/03/17Souther40:40549 m128 m22813
501.1 km23/08/07Yevering Bell08:13365 m0 m19544
511 km11/08/07Cross Fell47:27709 m197 m21852
521 km18/05/17Melmerby Low Scar05:40443 m3 m22802
530.9 km16/12/06Macher13:55500 m61 m21004
540.9 km23/06/18Carlton Bank38:49685 m284 m22859
550.9 km09/09/17Moneylaws52:33313 m97 m22870
560.8 km26/08/17Melmerby Low Scar38:22565 m124 m22855
570.8 km05/02/17Old Bewick06:23233 m13 m22843
580.8 km16/12/06Macher11:05464 m26 m21003
590.8 km29/01/07Carlton Bank05:56401 m7 m21308
600.7 km16/12/06Macher15:50496 m62 m21002
610.7 km08/07/18Model Ridge06:47318 m26 m22856
620.7 km04/12/16Hownam Law10:50370 m25 m22762
630.7 km08/08/17Humbelton Hill35:02280 m2 m22867
640.7 km13/08/17Wether Fell10:40752 m194 m22819
650.7 km08/10/16Blackhall11:4952 m20 m22759
660.6 km29/01/17Tinto04:52434 m1 m22800
670.6 km26/08/17Melmerby Low Scar12:31499 m59 m22823
680.6 km23/09/18Moneylaws58:10497 m277 m22752
690.6 km20/06/17East Hill46:09242 m48 m22851
700.6 km04/08/18Carlton Bank22:10630 m232 m22860
710.6 km02/04/17Tailbridge05:18530 m20 m22844
720.6 km22/07/18Carlton Bank38:06486 m86 m22861
730.6 km22/04/17Model Ridge08:26318 m26 m22801
740.6 km28/06/18East Hill07:27267 m58 m22826
750.5 km21/08/17East Hill36:34341 m123 m22854
760.5 km20/08/17Melmerby Low Scar05:30438 m0 m22821
770.5 km04/12/16Hownam Law04:47327 m16 m22763
780.5 km23/09/17Lords Seat11:39453 m141 m22825
790.5 km20/08/17Melmerby Low Scar34:15557 m133 m22853
800.5 km29/01/17Tinto39:07548 m116 m22812
810.5 km02/04/17Tailbridge16:57595 m74 m22845
820.4 km04/07/18East Hill1:20:50267 m71 m22873
830.4 km02/04/17Tailbridge45:06681 m166 m22865
840.4 km18/07/17East Hill25:38269 m68 m22817
850.4 km27/11/16Model Ridge12:26335 m37 m22761
860.4 km25/05/17East Hill1:17:17498 m290 m19514
870.4 km26/09/17East Hill55:06366 m164 m22858
880.3 km19/01/08Cross Fell04:06591 m45 m19611
890.3 km19/08/18Moneylaws14:42235 m50 m22828
900.3 km29/01/17Tinto05:19437 m8 m22799
910.2 km04/02/07Cross Fell12:19769 m24 m20796
920.2 km04/12/16Hownam Law02:58321 m11 m22764
930.2 km27/11/16Model Ridge03:01305 m5 m22760
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
314.5 km68 hours21685 m


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