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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
1117 km23/07/11Tinto4:46:401464 m896 m21747
284.4 km14/06/11Wether Fell4:16:271559 m980 m21839
354.4 km03/07/11Wether Fell4:25:581781 m1572 m21840
449.1 km18/03/11Carlton Bank2:29:471498 m1096 m20370
543.5 km25/05/13Dodd Fell3:21:381847 m1273 m20714
633.1 km27/04/13Tinto1:52:171655 m1210 m21710
731.6 km01/07/11Dodd Fell2:04:511563 m989 m20671
830.1 km01/05/13Bradwell Edge2:18:441876 m1485 m20277
928.6 km14/09/09Marsk2:20:05221 m209 m21098
1027 km13/05/11Milk Hill2:33:40901 m636 m21186
1124.8 km22/04/10Barton Fell1:41:281775 m1357 m19301
1222.4 km20/09/09Cross Fell58:01833 m324 m21833
1320.5 km18/05/10Windbank1:24:582148 m1769 m21804
1420.4 km18/04/11Semerwater1:33:001461 m960 m21579
1519.6 km19/04/13Clough Head1:37:211145 m591 m20494
1618.2 km11/10/10Marsk1:09:14244 m215 m21126
1715.2 km19/05/11Cross Fell (Radar Masts)52:281100 m614 m21496
1814.8 km18/05/10Windbank1:03:481899 m1524 m21802
1912.7 km13/10/11Bassano2:06:361687 m942 m19310
2012.3 km01/10/09Clough Head1:49:02834 m685 m20411
2111.7 km10/10/11Seminozo deGrappa1:32:011532 m809 m19307
2211.7 km08/08/09Cross Fell1:52:36303 m300 m21836
2310.4 km30/04/13Blease Fell2:03:461950 m1434 m20242
2410 km28/06/11Clough Head1:19:321179 m794 m20493
259.7 km08/06/09Crimdon Dene1:20:590 m0 m20521
268.9 km04/06/11Carrock Fell1:04:00731 m336 m20390
278.9 km09/08/09Cross Fell55:13326 m189 m21861
288.4 km20/06/11Wether Fell59:511067 m496 m20409
296.6 km09/10/11Seminozo deGrappa1:24:461613 m879 m19304
306.5 km01/10/09Dunmail22:54720 m0 m20489
316.4 km04/08/11Col de Forclaz3:00:521839 m524 m20554
326 km12/10/11Seminozo deGrappa1:09:29823 m101 m19312
336 km22/04/09Blease Fell39:480 m0 m19785
344.3 km18/09/09Semerwater57:29153 m152 m21576
354 km11/05/09Horden1:08:370 m0 m19788
363.7 km12/10/11Seminozo deGrappa30:151019 m10 m19309
373.2 km13/08/09Clough Head1:37:22663 m281 m20488
382.9 km13/10/11Seminozo deGrappa25:53729 m1 m19311
392.8 km11/10/11Seminozo deGrappa20:531025 m0 m19308
402.7 km08/10/11Seminozo deGrappa55:35907 m183 m19303
412.5 km02/06/11Clough Head1:32:53762 m322 m20413
422.1 km13/10/09Santa Pola43:07441 m47 m20291
432.1 km02/06/11Clough Head52:15858 m349 m20492
442 km24/05/09Cross Fell1:49:160 m0 m19798
451.8 km29/06/09Semerwater1:03:040 m0 m21575
461.7 km14/10/09Palomoret1:08:11595 m0 m21410
471.4 km14/10/09Palomoret27:56572 m8 m21411
481 km29/05/09Semerwater1:00:200 m0 m21574
491 km21/06/09Wether Fell1:28:110 m0 m21787
500.8 km18/09/09Semerwater28:52152 m61 m21578
510.8 km27/10/09Randa Majorca48:52564 m14 m21502
520.8 km14/06/09Whitestones24:380 m0 m21799
530.6 km03/07/09East Hill1:12:140 m0 m20736
540.5 km29/05/09Semerwater53:480 m0 m21572
550.4 km04/07/09Captain Cooks37:580 m0 m20516
560.4 km13/06/09Tailbridge12:580 m0 m21658
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
834.4 km83 hours26617 m


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