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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
15.6 km01/06/16Madonnina Capo di Serra Bacheca24:371537 m1 m17308
25.1 km14/03/15Horden39:1375 m33 m21960
35 km01/06/16Madonnina Capo di Serra Bacheca23:091506 m0 m17307
44.4 km03/09/13Col de Forclaz10:271303 m1 m19916
54.4 km04/09/14Col de Forclaz11:031264 m0 m20021
64.3 km04/09/13Col de Forclaz11:551280 m7 m19919
72.8 km18/09/15Marsk36:1263 m53 m22183
82.7 km18/09/15Marsk21:5057 m51 m22159
92.5 km09/02/15Borj Aghergar14:471361 m36 m20052
102.5 km08/02/15Ouazguita18:361338 m7 m20048
112.4 km09/02/15Borj Aghergar12:461355 m28 m20053
122 km02/04/14Horden41:2679 m47 m19954
132 km01/05/15Marsk13:1059 m52 m20093
142 km12/02/15El Borj1:28:06448 m206 m21981
151.9 km02/05/14Crimdon Dene52:4467 m40 m19990
161.9 km10/02/15El Borj1:06:11302 m53 m21978
171.9 km02/05/14Crimdon Dene49:3280 m62 m19989
181.8 km02/05/17Crimdon Dene42:5262 m34 m17438
191.8 km19/04/16West Runton18:5488 m74 m22255
201.8 km19/04/16West Runton37:3784 m69 m22290
211.8 km13/05/15Crimdon Dene17:5645 m25 m22014
221.7 km07/09/13St Hilaire08:47917 m0 m19921
231.7 km14/09/14Crimdon Dene46:5564 m41 m21948
241.7 km01/05/15Crimdon Dene36:2463 m38 m20118
251.6 km06/05/13Cross Fell56:36861 m320 m19882
261.6 km12/02/15El Borj1:35:41434 m178 m22015
271.5 km06/07/13Jenkin1:39:28846 m264 m19979
281.5 km02/04/14Horden24:5165 m18 m19934
291.5 km22/04/16Crimdon Dene35:0865 m31 m22303
301.4 km06/04/13Swinside39:44761 m311 m19877
311.3 km14/05/15Horden37:49107 m67 m22057
321.2 km11/08/15Swinside55:39691 m267 m22133
331.2 km13/05/15Crimdon Dene32:1849 m18 m22042
341.1 km20/09/14Yevering Bell07:16350 m1 m21914
351 km05/07/13Cross Fell1:49:55668 m129 m19974
360.9 km18/03/15Lordenshaw11:30416 m66 m21941
370.9 km07/04/15Model Ridge13:40390 m99 m20076
380.9 km17/04/17Model Ridge18:12342 m49 m19408
390.9 km19/09/15Latrigg49:37433 m93 m22185
400.8 km13/03/15Horden15:2271 m34 m21937
410.7 km11/02/15El Borj08:51261 m4 m21926
420.7 km11/07/17Blackhall27:4766 m28 m19470
430.6 km05/06/13Humbelton Hill02:44273 m0 m19860
440.6 km08/08/17Humbelton Hill09:06279 m5 m17480
450.6 km28/09/14Cross Fell1:36:55617 m86 m22006
460.6 km08/07/13East Hill1:42:56281 m78 m19992
470.6 km07/08/13Humbelton Hill07:00303 m23 m19905
480.6 km16/04/15Humbelton Hill07:59271 m4 m21969
490.6 km29/07/16Model Ridge23:29377 m82 m22322
500.6 km18/07/17East Hill24:39335 m121 m19481
510.6 km09/06/16East Hill18:41254 m44 m17326
520.5 km24/08/16Model Ridge13:26383 m71 m22351
530.5 km30/05/16Monte Fanni Bianchi05:531624 m1 m22293
540.5 km05/07/17East Hill04:05218 m7 m17449
550.5 km08/07/13East Hill21:59229 m12 m19893
560.5 km05/07/15East Hill14:58256 m39 m17251
570.5 km14/03/16East Hill09:36216 m9 m22205
580.5 km09/06/14East Hill20:56240 m34 m19985
590.5 km13/09/15East Hill13:20248 m35 m22145
600.5 km01/06/14Cross Fell1:01:30650 m103 m20033
610.5 km16/09/15Humbelton Hill05:14263 m0 m22155
620.5 km03/06/13East Hill15:22225 m21 m19853
630.5 km27/09/15East Hill04:48217 m2 m22166
640.5 km09/04/15Cross Fell05:11532 m2 m20082
650.5 km21/09/15Lowca54:59165 m108 m22191
660.4 km13/09/15Old Bewick09:38249 m24 m22144
670.4 km09/07/15West Hill16:36333 m89 m17255
680.4 km25/05/17East Hill50:58411 m200 m19489
690.4 km09/09/15East Hill47:51276 m67 m17288
700.4 km05/04/14Old Bewick19:26305 m86 m19941
710.4 km13/03/15Horden17:0559 m14 m21930
720.3 km20/01/15East Hill09:45212 m5 m21921
730.3 km04/01/15Captain Cooks16:19343 m31 m20043
740.3 km03/01/15East Hill02:35182 m0 m20036
750.3 km29/09/15East Hill14:05223 m11 m22174
760.3 km10/05/17East Hill25:52214 m19 m19427
770.3 km05/08/14East Hill04:31258 m49 m20005
780.3 km13/09/14East Hill06:40243 m43 m21908
790.2 km10/05/17East Hill21:04263 m60 m19428
800.2 km13/09/14East Hill30:29235 m17 m21947
810.2 km02/04/15Model Ridge05:07350 m53 m20056
820.2 km05/07/17East Hill29:41224 m12 m17486
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
104.1 km39 hours4602 m


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