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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
144 km25/08/18Model Ridge2:18:001451 m1153 m13981
242.4 km20/05/18Staggs Fell2:37:221639 m1163 m7335
340 km04/08/18Carlton Bank1:30:301438 m1036 m7332
437.3 km23/09/18Moneylaws1:52:401234 m1017 m22480
521.9 km05/08/18Cross Fell2:59:221222 m681 m7331
614.9 km22/07/18Carlton Bank53:131073 m671 m7333
714.7 km24/03/18Clough Head1:57:011176 m734 m7338
85.8 km24/02/19Hownam Law29:39575 m213 m23280
95.1 km21/07/18Mallerstang57:30741 m179 m7334
104.6 km17/05/18Hogden Law1:10:35837 m385 m7336
113.8 km14/04/18Blease Fell1:32:181047 m549 m7337
122.5 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar11:10534 m0 m23285
132.5 km24/11/18Horden1:10:38143 m100 m23284
141.1 km06/01/19Carlton Bank20:08451 m46 m23282
151 km17/11/18East Hill2:18:57271 m65 m23286
160.8 km05/01/19West Hill1:23:26314 m42 m23283
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
242.4 km24 hours8034 m


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