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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
1140.1 km21/04/10Clough Head5:30:201868 m1525 m20629
2112.4 km17/05/10Barbon4:31:041767 m1463 m19362
395.1 km20/05/07Brigsteer8:16:121291 m1187 m20314
494.7 km20/05/08Barkin4:16:421945 m1574 m18160
593.7 km08/07/06Mynydd Cilfach-Yr-Encil4:54:331488 m1111 m17700
692.2 km21/05/07Brigsteer3:07:351941 m1850 m20313
783.1 km09/08/07Long Mynd3:42:501704 m1299 m21359
873.3 km26/05/07Brigsteer4:01:391942 m1758 m20312
972.1 km08/07/07Whitestones2:44:001508 m1257 m21845
1051.5 km13/06/08Clough Head2:06:281730 m1386 m20415
1149.7 km12/04/09Langdales2:07:401885 m760 m21086
1249.2 km15/05/10Brigsteer1:59:231732 m1562 m20363
1345.3 km24/04/10Staggs Fell3:08:381773 m1535 m21746
1441.8 km03/07/08Barkin1:38:101389 m1002 m19293
1539.3 km20/06/10Clough Head3:30:331425 m988 m20541
1638.8 km15/05/08Wrynose2:53:381494 m1158 m21859
1737 km02/08/09Brigsteer2:06:101165 m996 m20364
1830.1 km19/02/10Clough Head1:26:311234 m743 m20542
1929.5 km23/04/08Brigsteer1:48:051024 m903 m20278
2028.3 km05/04/09Whitestones1:24:081214 m841 m21885
2126.5 km08/08/08Clough (NE)1:56:221748 m1151 m21796
2223.2 km04/03/10Clough Head3:17:281806 m1475 m20630
2321 km07/04/10Clough Head2:11:461420 m1038 m20496
2418.4 km01/03/10Clough Head2:02:28962 m416 m20497
2517.9 km11/03/10Clough Head1:09:181038 m876 m20458
2615.8 km11/09/09Langdales2:56:561312 m667 m20922
2711.9 km10/04/06Clough Head6:06:411520 m1242 m17598
2811.9 km12/04/09Langdales2:20:381993 m1402 m21087
2911.2 km10/11/10Clough Head2:00:311123 m580 m20570
305.7 km21/03/07Clough Head1:09:041188 m819 m20490
315.5 km20/10/07Blease Fell1:51:281063 m743 m20234
325.1 km08/03/10Catt Bells1:20:051554 m1275 m20424
334 km06/10/07Langdales1:37:05999 m454 m20999
343.8 km20/09/09Brigsteer2:01:091188 m992 m20365
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
1479.1 km97 hours38028 m


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