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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
113 km19/03/16Marsk2:19:16384 m357 m22373
27.5 km15/03/15Crimdon Dene58:3189 m69 m21962
37.3 km02/05/14Crimdon Dene2:39:5265 m42 m20114
46.5 km09/08/09Cross Fell57:12918 m373 m20557
55.7 km12/03/17Cross Fell49:42603 m169 m19438
65.3 km01/06/16Madonnina Capo di Serra Bacheca30:221511 m0 m17348
75 km01/06/16Madonnina Capo di Serra Bacheca14:091509 m3 m17311
84.9 km14/03/15Horden1:55:34182 m11 m22019
93.7 km11/07/17Blackhall56:3472 m34 m19503
103.3 km14/05/15Seaham1:21:0778 m61 m22095
113 km14/05/15Seaham1:30:0676 m58 m22120
122.9 km11/08/15Swinside35:10579 m213 m22139
132.9 km04/04/15Model Ridge40:38492 m196 m20092
142.9 km17/08/15Marsk51:1257 m40 m22157
152.6 km09/04/15Cross Fell1:16:18575 m120 m20127
162.5 km13/07/08Cross Fell38:54759 m300 m21129
172.4 km02/04/14Horden56:3283 m42 m19961
182.3 km01/06/16Rocca Calascio Panettone09:371091 m182 m17310
192.3 km07/04/15Model Ridge54:43495 m199 m20109
202.3 km27/09/15Blease Fell12:23521 m40 m22172
212.3 km13/03/15Horden2:14:2177 m35 m22049
222.3 km15/05/16Model Ridge24:51820 m523 m22287
232.2 km15/03/15Blackhall24:3858 m42 m21932
242.2 km02/04/14Horden43:2879 m48 m19962
252 km05/05/17Crimdon Dene1:47:4469 m44 m17517
262 km14/05/15Crimdon Dene43:0367 m47 m22059
272 km05/05/17Crimdon Dene41:0153 m32 m17447
281.9 km07/04/15Carlton Bank22:24447 m68 m20079
291.9 km06/07/13Jenkin1:31:29748 m154 m19981
301.6 km17/09/17Wolf Crag23:11569 m85 m19591
311.5 km18/06/17Cross Fell18:06601 m60 m19462
321.5 km10/08/17Cross Fell17:21567 m49 m19522
331.5 km11/08/15Swinside2:14:27866 m397 m22224
341.5 km30/08/15Clough Head1:59:39653 m152 m22251
351.4 km17/09/17Wolf Crag23:06593 m96 m19590
361.4 km28/05/17Clough Head18:48468 m3 m19453
371.3 km12/03/17Cross Fell09:19534 m0 m19382
381.3 km03/05/14Jenkin07:49606 m0 m19968
391.3 km18/04/15Hogden Law17:00636 m116 m21980
401.2 km23/05/15Cross Fell04:45539 m0 m22046
411.2 km14/05/15Crimdon Dene47:1678 m71 m22058
421.1 km30/08/15Clough Head18:05486 m79 m22127
431.1 km14/08/16Hownam Law45:12438 m17 m22363
441.1 km02/09/17Old Bewick09:00246 m24 m17496
451 km01/03/14Blease Fell14:55497 m0 m19930
461 km03/05/14Jenkin07:21657 m0 m19967
470.9 km10/04/16Alnmouth1:57:3564 m63 m22340
480.9 km11/06/15Alnmouth1:02:5083 m65 m22121
490.8 km06/09/15Carlton Bank35:15662 m255 m17284
500.8 km16/08/16Alnmouth1:08:2758 m45 m22407
510.8 km11/07/17Blackhall46:4653 m16 m19502
520.7 km02/05/14Blackhall16:3048 m19 m19963
530.7 km27/09/15Blease Fell20:27600 m110 m22170
540.7 km07/04/15Model Ridge10:23328 m41 m20080
550.7 km08/09/13Old Bewick2:06:28378 m148 m20051
560.6 km30/05/16Monte Fanni Bianchi15:541625 m7 m22295
570.6 km27/08/16East Hill22:55267 m52 m22366
580.6 km30/04/16Carlton Bank08:18418 m32 m22278
590.6 km26/09/17East Hill22:10245 m26 m19602
600.6 km18/04/15Hogden Law13:53629 m130 m21979
610.6 km15/06/15Old Bewick19:46282 m62 m22068
620.5 km16/09/15Humbelton Hill09:04280 m0 m22156
630.5 km01/07/14Humbleton Hill04:23288 m3 m19993
640.5 km28/09/17Old Bewick11:54237 m17 m19603
650.5 km14/06/15Humbelton Hill04:27277 m0 m22067
660.5 km09/09/17Moneylaws1:11:23283 m90 m17588
670.5 km08/07/13East Hill34:10226 m20 m19938
680.4 km06/06/14East Hill28:19233 m22 m19983
690.4 km04/04/15Model Ridge14:07354 m63 m20058
700.4 km18/07/17East Hill54:05304 m121 m19510
710.4 km10/08/17Cross Fell05:58563 m79 m19521
720.4 km26/09/17East Hill35:20228 m12 m19627
730.4 km13/09/15East Hill10:01219 m47 m22153
740.4 km23/09/17East Hill06:19207 m8 m19596
750.4 km20/03/16Model Ridge04:57321 m30 m22238
760.3 km10/08/17Cross Fell08:54590 m73 m19520
770.3 km26/09/17East Hill10:53241 m36 m19600
780.3 km20/04/16Captain Cooks08:55395 m79 m22257
790.3 km18/04/15Hogden Law08:48640 m140 m21977
800.3 km27/08/16East Hill14:26218 m7 m22365
810.3 km13/09/15East Hill11:11230 m21 m22152
820.3 km05/03/17East Hill05:45215 m6 m17372
830.3 km08/07/13East Hill19:03230 m36 m19902
840.3 km28/09/17Old Bewick07:19210 m10 m19604
850.3 km06/06/14East Hill23:47254 m45 m19982
860.3 km08/01/17Titlington Pike06:10248 m20 m17356
870.2 km08/05/16East Hill09:17219 m1 m17271
880.2 km29/09/15East Hill18:2122 m21 m22175
890.2 km26/09/17East Hill23:27238 m31 m19601
900.2 km17/04/17Model Ridge06:21311 m21 m19410
910.2 km09/09/17Moneylaws23:25234 m25 m17509
920.2 km08/05/16East Hill07:58248 m29 m17270
930.2 km03/07/15East Hill10:57226 m20 m17247
940.2 km17/04/17Model Ridge06:08302 m12 m19416
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
150.8 km57 hours6867 m


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