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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
130.9 km03/07/14Chabre2:41:572250 m894 m20126
226.9 km01/07/13Chabre2:14:042700 m1360 m20001
314.5 km18/09/15Marsk1:14:32266 m255 m22211
414.1 km13/08/17Wether Fell34:461636 m1057 m19577
514 km12/07/17Blease Fell1:04:481387 m886 m19540
612.4 km08/09/13Hownam Law32:571170 m783 m19948
712.3 km14/03/15Crimdon Dene1:28:35114 m89 m21994
812.3 km04/06/08Cross Fell54:380 m0 m21854
912.1 km02/07/14Chabre46:052017 m698 m20018
109.9 km30/05/15Swinside45:00988 m718 m22085
119.4 km05/07/13de Buc32:191605 m214 m19914
129.4 km01/06/13Swinside1:02:49870 m574 m19907
139.4 km04/06/16Carrock Fell53:18712 m173 m17351
148.1 km01/07/14Chabre36:072163 m851 m20015
158.1 km15/03/15Crimdon Dene1:17:07129 m101 m21997
168 km01/03/13Marsk2:22:41246 m234 m19952
177.6 km02/05/14Hogden Law29:09988 m471 m19960
187.4 km14/09/14Crimdon Dene1:09:06117 m89 m21972
197.2 km06/06/08Ullock Pike1:12:080 m0 m21039
206.4 km20/05/08Horden20:360 m0 m20504
216.1 km27/08/16Blease Fell53:001058 m480 m22403
226 km02/09/17Old Bewick16:14681 m464 m17495
235.9 km18/03/16Marsk56:45179 m171 m22260
245.6 km02/07/13Chabre33:392427 m1094 m19906
255.3 km24/03/18Clough Head54:151243 m787 m19677
265.2 km03/06/16Dale Head35:471070 m317 m17350
274.9 km15/07/15Model Ridge41:19695 m401 m22123
284.8 km28/02/16Model Ridge50:08487 m191 m22233
294.7 km04/06/13Humbleton Hill31:34315 m27 m19889
304.6 km18/09/15Marsk24:55141 m124 m22160
314.4 km17/08/15Marsk1:08:56146 m128 m22180
324.3 km08/06/17Col de Forclaz35:241318 m40 m17465
334 km19/03/16Marsk39:1991 m75 m22261
343.9 km29/05/15Haig Pit40:48221 m159 m22081
353.9 km16/07/17Clough Head52:211085 m702 m19507
363.4 km02/04/14Horden51:5791 m48 m19956
373.4 km06/05/13Cross Fell1:11:50882 m350 m19900
382.9 km20/04/08Horden1:05:300 m0 m21672
392.9 km13/07/08Cross Fell1:07:230 m0 m21856
402.8 km07/03/17Cross Fell1:25:47937 m396 m17439
412.8 km24/08/16Model Ridge1:01:27653 m359 m22421
422.7 km19/05/08Model Ridge58:160 m0 m21279
432.5 km11/05/16Marsk30:5980 m54 m22314
442.4 km13/07/08Cross Fell52:55841 m252 m19718
452.3 km02/03/13Carlton Bank30:47442 m47 m19876
462.3 km14/08/16Carlton Bank46:121059 m657 m22362
472.3 km02/06/13Barton Fell17:07813 m388 m19844
482.2 km03/03/13Blease Fell1:00:23810 m316 m19896
492.1 km01/05/17Crimdon Dene56:47126 m103 m17434
502.1 km19/03/16Marsk18:1071 m63 m22229
512.1 km02/04/14Horden12:5277 m45 m19936
522 km11/03/18Carrock Fell1:14:47649 m235 m19709
532 km16/07/15Crimdon Dene19:3445 m17 m22105
541.9 km02/05/14Hogden Law38:13981 m473 m19999
551.9 km16/03/15Crimdon Dene17:1544 m12 m21933
561.9 km16/04/08Horden15:420 m0 m21670
571.9 km24/02/16Carlton Bank28:42210 m29 m22194
581.8 km06/05/17Crimdon Dene21:3144 m31 m17419
591.8 km01/03/13Marsk20:4379 m65 m19835
601.8 km06/05/17Crimdon Dene21:1560 m43 m17417
611.8 km06/09/15Carlton Bank40:36854 m406 m17285
621.7 km15/06/08Model Ridge51:090 m0 m21280
631.7 km17/04/17Cringle Moor16:56607 m180 m19406
641.6 km28/02/16Cringle Moor56:32593 m179 m22231
651.6 km16/03/16Crimdon Dene06:1434 m9 m22217
661.5 km23/05/08Horden38:410 m0 m20508
671.5 km20/04/08Horden39:150 m0 m21671
681.5 km17/04/17Model Ridge08:44348 m49 m19407
691.4 km15/07/15Model Ridge18:30542 m244 m22102
701.4 km20/05/08Horden45:130 m0 m20503
711.4 km22/04/08Horden27:000 m0 m21678
721.4 km23/07/08Semerwater42:170 m0 m21581
731.4 km17/07/16Allcock Tarn08:26459 m0 m22315
741.4 km21/04/08Horden32:350 m0 m21673
751.3 km06/05/13Cross Fell06:47548 m16 m19838
761.3 km30/08/15Allcock Tarn31:36446 m90 m22163
771.3 km11/05/16Saltburn30:5758 m28 m22319
781.3 km02/04/14Horden09:2162 m11 m19937
791.3 km23/05/08Horden21:120 m0 m20507
801.2 km24/02/16Model Ridge27:03449 m152 m22196
811.2 km15/06/16Model Ridge18:03424 m127 m22301
821.2 km06/05/17Crimdon Dene14:4968 m54 m17416
831.2 km14/09/14Seaham21:1588 m69 m21912
841.1 km05/05/17Seaham24:0856 m39 m17411
851.1 km15/07/15Model Ridge17:27412 m116 m22100
861.1 km06/01/13Old Bewick03:07219 m0 m19834
871.1 km07/02/13Carlton Bank33:51477 m174 m19866
881 km20/01/18West Hill20:31293 m47 m19615
891 km06/09/15Carlton Bank42:26651 m249 m17283
901 km05/05/17Seaham06:0544 m24 m17413
911 km13/07/17St Bees23:5153 m40 m19471
920.9 km04/09/14East Hill29:51283 m82 m20024
930.9 km13/08/17Wether Fell06:56595 m36 m19536
940.9 km04/04/17Model Ridge23:38422 m131 m17384
950.9 km23/07/08Semerwater33:490 m0 m21580
960.8 km15/07/15Model Ridge11:12322 m20 m22101
970.8 km20/01/18West Hill02:34214 m3 m19614
980.8 km28/08/16Allcock Tarn06:20341 m1 m22369
990.7 km14/09/14Seaham06:1027 m20 m21913
1000.7 km22/04/08Horden09:390 m0 m21679
1010.7 km16/07/15Crimdon Dene15:3839 m12 m22106
1020.7 km27/08/17Allcock Tarn06:50354 m3 m19558
1030.7 km08/09/14Model Ridge07:15350 m65 m20034
1040.7 km01/01/16Knotts Flatts11:5650 m43 m17261
1050.7 km20/01/18West Hill04:02210 m0 m19613
1060.7 km31/08/15Wolf Crags11:47597 m74 m22128
1070.7 km13/09/16East Hill03:44215 m0 m22382
1080.6 km13/09/15East Hill04:50233 m24 m22150
1090.6 km19/01/15Barton Fell05:12481 m0 m21922
1100.6 km02/05/14Hogden Law14:23623 m191 m19957
1110.5 km13/09/15Old Bewick05:0291 m24 m22146
1120.5 km14/08/16Carlton Bank19:38667 m270 m22325
1130.5 km03/05/14Old Bewick21:47285 m74 m19966
1140.5 km05/08/14East Hill17:45278 m105 m20007
1150.5 km30/09/15East Hill03:3291 m85 m22177
1160.5 km06/09/15Carlton Bank16:08524 m122 m17257
1170.5 km06/06/14East Hill26:23468 m299 m19980
1180.5 km13/09/15East Hill21:30278 m54 m22149
1190.5 km22/04/08Horden09:560 m0 m21680
1200.5 km02/05/14Hogden Law08:55538 m22 m19959
1210.4 km19/05/08Model Ridge22:000 m0 m21276
1220.4 km06/09/15Carlton Bank08:38445 m42 m17256
1230.4 km04/09/16Moneylaws04:01235 m0 m17342
1240.4 km24/08/16Model Ridge07:03389 m91 m22352
1250.3 km22/04/08Horden07:340 m0 m21681
1260.3 km22/01/17Captain Cooks15:44363 m39 m22416
1270.3 km20/01/15East Hill47:46214 m8 m21950
1280.3 km24/02/16Carlton Bank10:30385 m0 m22193
1290.3 km11/04/16Crimdon Dene04:1952 m25 m22245
1300.3 km24/02/16Model Ridge03:05313 m21 m22195
1310.3 km13/09/15East Hill06:34250 m34 m22148
1320.3 km04/09/14East Hill12:41218 m0 m20027
1330.3 km04/09/14East Hill15:32242 m28 m20028
1340.3 km04/09/14East Hill09:56210 m2 m20025
1350.3 km04/09/14East Hill06:52229 m17 m20026
1360.3 km13/09/15Old Bewick04:25258 m6 m22147
1370.2 km28/09/14Titlington Pike09:47245 m25 m21917
1380.2 km04/09/14East Hill10:27211 m0 m20029
1390.2 km08/05/15Alnmouth19:19116 m95 m20103
1400.2 km20/03/16Model Ridge05:01286 m9 m22237
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
438.3 km73 hours23095 m


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