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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
15.1 km01/06/16Madonnina Capo di Serra Bacheca53:151727 m216 m17376
24.7 km01/06/16Madonnina Capo di Serra Bacheca19:371605 m0 m17302
33.8 km20/04/15Algodonales15:561056 m26 m21982
43.6 km17/08/15Clough Head41:001191 m696 m22151
52.8 km08/07/17Clough Head1:22:481238 m794 m17571
62.7 km23/04/15Algodonales20:531040 m0 m21995
72.7 km22/04/15Algodonales1:02:361189 m280 m22050
82.6 km22/04/15Algodonales29:181108 m206 m22021
92.6 km24/04/15Algodonales06:53907 m1 m21998
102.6 km23/04/15El Bosque1:28:381085 m368 m22089
112.6 km20/04/15Algodonales1:42:101951 m1096 m22109
122.6 km18/04/15El Bosque1:25:44959 m239 m22061
132.4 km01/06/16Rocca Calascio Panettone20:241181 m221 m17301
141.9 km19/04/15Algodonales1:17:321300 m440 m22071
151.9 km23/04/15El Bosque15:40929 m197 m21996
161.9 km30/08/15Allcock Tarn19:49602 m0 m22122
171.7 km07/01/18Blease Fell12:47550 m39 m17510
181.5 km04/06/16Tocco Da Casauria04:37617 m0 m17312
191.2 km08/06/16Hogden Law04:41505 m2 m17319
201.2 km26/03/17Souther1:04:04753 m307 m19459
211.2 km06/04/15Clough Head06:13484 m6 m20066
221 km19/04/15Montellano42:421134 m611 m22013
230.9 km28/08/16Allcock Tarn05:21343 m4 m22367
240.8 km25/04/15Teba04:05596 m0 m21999
250.8 km28/08/16Allcock Tarn06:25346 m1 m22368
260.6 km07/08/14Tailbridge1:09:58666 m140 m20104
270.5 km31/03/16Tailbridge44:41619 m97 m22267
280.4 km23/05/15Buttermere Moss47:32670 m139 m22098
290.3 km23/05/15Buttermere Moss32:30677 m154 m22060
300.3 km28/09/14Titlington Pike04:15228 m5 m21915
310.3 km04/01/15Captain Cooks28:55354 m19 m20068
320.2 km08/05/16East Hill06:24231 m24 m17269
330.2 km03/07/15East Hill29:59265 m54 m17278
340.2 km08/06/16Hogden Law06:01516 m11 m17318
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
59.8 km19 hours6393 m


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