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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
186.9 km26/04/15Carlton Bank3:39:551847 m1430 m22201
249.6 km14/05/16Tinto2:22:381587 m1090 m22419
348.1 km17/04/17Model Ridge3:16:321322 m1019 m21505
441.8 km20/05/07Cross Fell2:17:081559 m1089 m19437
538 km19/04/16Cross Fell2:12:511695 m1247 m22390
637.5 km15/05/16Clough Head3:08:211529 m1195 m22437
736 km09/04/16Cross Fell (Radar Masts)2:32:481459 m896 m21194
827.2 km07/08/14Dodd Fell1:31:401616 m1061 m20105
914.7 km23/05/15Cross Fell1:13:181453 m910 m22099
109.4 km14/06/15Humbelton Hill1:55:211072 m791 m22161
118.5 km18/02/07Souther1:09:36927 m413 m19376
127.8 km03/09/07Model Ridge1:58:14796 m498 m21266
136.8 km07/09/16Jenkin3:03:201167 m604 m17544
145.8 km23/04/15Tailbridge1:07:471294 m785 m22056
155.1 km02/10/16Model Ridge2:29:37789 m489 m19159
165.1 km26/04/07Marsk1:11:00193 m180 m19418
173.6 km08/04/17Blease Fell1:03:04816 m173 m20261
182.8 km04/08/14Cross Fell2:13:291458 m1067 m20115
192.7 km07/03/17Cross Fell2:03:35927 m396 m19150
202.7 km07/04/17Tailbridge1:12:231124 m615 m21729
212.6 km26/04/07Marsk1:35:4472 m54 m19420
222.5 km29/08/07Model Ridge1:41:13827 m551 m21785
232.5 km17/08/07Cross Fell2:04:36908 m434 m21221
242.4 km16/04/15Hogden Law1:07:18955 m443 m22028
252.3 km03/06/16Wolf Crags1:36:32979 m447 m17412
262.2 km06/04/15Clough Head3:07:181155 m676 m20137
272.2 km25/03/07Horden1:05:53105 m99 m19389
282.2 km03/06/16Wolf Crags34:39896 m326 m17349
292.2 km10/08/07Cross Fell1:05:41698 m161 m21224
302.2 km07/04/15Model Ridge2:02:33596 m299 m20135
311.9 km26/08/07Wether Fell1:01:051163 m519 m21752
321.6 km10/03/15Bewaldeth2:14:25815 m551 m22044
331.6 km24/02/17Carlton Bank2:17:56860 m456 m19170
341.5 km03/09/07Model Ridge1:03:22748 m441 m21217
351.3 km18/04/07Wether Fell1:27:56963 m421 m19405
361.3 km15/09/16Clough Head06:33478 m0 m22384
371.2 km17/02/07Cringle Moor1:13:10475 m145 m19377
380.8 km24/03/07Carrock Fell1:28:07795 m358 m19386
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
474.6 km69 hours22329 m


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