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Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain Flt no.
1110.9 km25/07/09Dodd Fell3:23:111697 m1427 m18518
299.6 km21/06/10Wether Fell4:15:001903 m1343 m18693
391 km09/05/10Model Ridge2:42:191625 m1320 m18742
489.4 km14/07/18Cross Fell2:58:001513 m1046 m14656
587.8 km14/07/06Semerwater4:00:381610 m1156 m22427
686.8 km14/06/11Wether Fell4:27:411672 m1636 m18737
784.8 km23/08/08Windbank3:31:101521 m1162 m18340
882.4 km03/07/11Wether Fell5:06:171927 m1388 m19857
980.9 km08/08/12Lowther5:13:281677 m997 m19862
1071.8 km15/05/10Long Mynd3:39:491744 m1360 m18743
1170.4 km05/04/09Windbank3:03:001881 m1583 m18513
1269 km20/09/09Wether Fell3:34:361451 m888 m18582
1368.8 km22/08/09Charlton Abbots2:30:571406 m1129 m18544
1460.7 km01/07/11Dodd Fell3:50:501567 m992 m19824
1548.8 km31/05/08Tinto2:24:101767 m1333 m18158
1647.4 km24/06/18Wether Fell6:07:071751 m1189 m22969
1746.3 km10/05/09Broughton1:45:091737 m1262 m19786
1843.9 km20/06/11Wether Fell2:32:381803 m1232 m18738
1939.1 km02/06/11Malvern1:51:331251 m907 m18736
2038.4 km28/05/10Cross Fell1:42:521603 m1090 m18676
2136.6 km06/05/12Staggs Fell2:00:251642 m1164 m19827
2234.3 km18/05/08Model Ridge1:51:201187 m885 m18150
2333.4 km08/08/09Charlton Abbots4:10:591404 m1125 m18525
2427 km12/08/05Clough Head2:39:021150 m832 m22110
2519.9 km22/04/10Malvern2:19:171517 m1188 m18659
2618.4 km31/05/06Leckhampton54:061296 m1012 m22298
2715.1 km18/04/10Charlton Abbots2:44:001641 m1362 m18740
2814.2 km17/04/10Charlton Abbots1:47:471162 m890 m18651
2911.1 km05/04/12Clough Head1:27:01981 m567 m19825
3011 km30/06/10Blease Fell4:27:531562 m1073 m18694
316.8 km23/06/06Cross Fell3:28:01988 m510 m22414
325.9 km12/10/08Cross Fell2:26:281006 m452 m18330
334.8 km26/09/08Blease Fell1:44:28956 m555 m18255
342.5 km03/08/12Staggs Fell1:33:391107 m633 m19831
352.5 km04/03/06Cumrew1:11:55661 m361 m17266
total KmTotal HrsTotal Climb
1661.7 km103 hours37049 m


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