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Pilot Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain
1Ron Don0.3 km18/01/19East Hill16:19257 m46 m
2Ron Don0.3 km18/01/19East Hill13:33222 m13 m
3Ron Don1.5 km11/01/19Carlton Bank32:07544 m251 m
4Ron Don1.2 km09/01/19West Hill1:17:28274 m90 m
5alan westmoreland4 km09/01/19Marsk32:07155 m131 m
6Chris Foster0.8 km05/01/19West Hill12:27266 m29 m
7alan westmoreland0.8 km05/01/19Tailbridge1:03:47587 m68 m
8Ron Don3.4 km01/01/19Model Ridge45:45479 m181 m
9Lloyd Bailey1.9 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar09:28444 m0 m
10Ron Don2.1 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar06:19443 m0 m
11Eddie Davis2.1 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar07:16453 m3 m
12Gary Stenhouse3.5 km27/12/18Melmerby Bowl47:30756 m225 m
13Ron Don0.5 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar25:51478 m4 m
14Eddie Davis0.3 km27/12/18Melmerby Low Scar14:05474 m13 m
15Lloyd Bailey2.1 km27/12/18Cross Fell (Radar Masts)1:32:24533 m0 m
16Ron Don1.7 km27/12/18Cross Fell (Radar Masts)08:00507 m0 m
17Eddie Davis2.2 km27/12/18Cross Fell (Radar Masts)10:41538 m0 m
18Gary Stenhouse2.3 km27/12/18Cross Fell (Radar Masts)10:24545 m1 m
19Ron Don0.4 km24/12/18Old Bewick04:38268 m49 m
20Chris Foster0.3 km24/12/18Titlington Pike17:09234 m18 m
21Ron Don1 km24/12/18Old Bewick1:45:34266 m45 m
22Chris Foster0.3 km24/12/18Titlington Pike47:26289 m71 m
23Gary Stenhouse0.4 km24/12/18Titlington Pike1:01:58296 m77 m
24Eddie Davis0.3 km24/12/18Titlington Pike54:58266 m51 m
25Ron Don1 km23/12/18West Hill22:22270 m40 m
26Ron Don0.6 km23/12/18West Hill34:38246 m7 m
27Gary Stenhouse1.7 km23/12/1855.422129:01319 m27 m
28Ron Don0.5 km23/12/18West Hill15:10253 m11 m
29Gary Stenhouse0.9 km23/12/18West Hill28:38269 m11 m
30Chris Foster0.7 km16/12/18Old Bewick02:42213 m4 m
31Eddie Davis0.7 km16/12/18Old Bewick03:53219 m1 m
32Ron Don0.3 km16/12/18Old Bewick08:14231 m16 m
33Eddie Davis0.3 km16/12/18Old Bewick09:18239 m18 m
34Eddie Davis0.2 km16/12/18Old Bewick08:26239 m19 m
35Chris Foster0.3 km16/12/18Old Bewick06:48247 m27 m
36Ron Don0.5 km16/12/18Old Bewick39:43256 m32 m
37Gary Stenhouse0.4 km16/12/18Old Bewick32:30274 m50 m
38Gary Stenhouse0.2 km04/12/18Titlington Pike22:38245 m60 m
39Chris Foster1.4 km03/12/18Model Ridge20:57459 m163 m
40Chris Foster1.6 km03/12/18Model Ridge59:51496 m196 m
41Ron Don0.8 km25/11/18Warkworth Dunes09:2622 m16 m
42Chris Foster2.8 km24/11/18Horden21:41101 m61 m
43Chris Foster1 km24/11/18Horden10:3163 m30 m
44Colin Keightley1.8 km24/11/18Crimdon Dene35:2251 m22 m
45Chris Foster1.1 km24/11/18Horden12:5376 m42 m
46Chris Foster4 km24/11/18Horden38:47103 m54 m
47Gary Stenhouse6.4 km24/11/18Horden1:11:23132 m88 m
48Alan Westmoreland7.6 km24/11/18Crimdon Dene1:38:54112 m75 m
49Ron Don11.6 km24/11/18Crimdon Dene3:15:24140 m117 m
50Colin Keightley1.2 km18-11-18Horden11:2864 m31 m


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