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Latest Flights

Pilot Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain
1Gary Stenhouse35.2 km16/01/20Governador Valadares4:15:051628 m539 m
2Gary Stenhouse65.3 km15/01/20Governador Valadares4:30:321922 m838 m
3Gary Stenhouse1 km31/12/19Old Bewick1:04:29274 m36 m
4Chris Foster1.2 km27/12/19Lords Seat04:56310 m0 m
5Gary Stenhouse1.4 km27/12/19Lords Seat04:24308 m1 m
6Chris Foster0.7 km22/12/19Heppburn Wood03:22499 m0 m
7Gary Stenhouse1 km22/12/19Heppburn Wood03:41251 m1 m
8Gary Stenhouse0.6 km21/12/19East Hill04:17221 m7 m
9Chris Foster0.4 km18/12/19East Hill07:58219 m18 m
10Ron Don2.3 km01/12/19Model Ridge07:52282 m8 m
11Ron Don1.8 km01/12/19Model Ridge1:06:24479 m187 m
12geordynut1.3 km30/11/19Souther1:13:32571 m69 m
13Chris Foster0.5 km29/11/19Long Crag14:38378 m71 m
14Gary Stenhouse1.3 km29/11/19West Hill1:05:43324 m179 m
15Chris Foster0.5 km29/11/19Long Crag43:51394 m82 m
16Ron Don2.7 km18/11/19Carlton Bank1:05:10539 m135 m
17Gary Stenhouse7.9 km17/11/19Model Ridge1:31:51552 m261 m
18KALOYAN PAUNOV1.1 km09/11/19Horden58:26107 m66 m
19KALOYAN PAUNOV1.5 km04/11/19Crimdon Dene1:03:0871 m27 m
20KALOYAN PAUNOV0.4 km03/11/19Warkworth Dunes53:1753 m37 m
21Chris Foster0.3 km29/10/19Seaham05:4538 m17 m
22KALOYAN PAUNOV3.8 km29/10/19Blackhall1:43:3190 m44 m
23Chris Foster0.8 km29/10/19Seaham23:2465 m41 m
24Chris Foster0.9 km29/10/19Seaham22:4063 m36 m
25KALOYAN PAUNOV8.5 km29/10/19Crimdon Dene47:04108 m77 m
26Chris Foster4.3 km29/10/19Seaham39:0491 m66 m
27KALOYAN PAUNOV0.2 km26/10/19Titlington Pike11:20249 m25 m
28KALOYAN PAUNOV2.8 km21/10/19Marsk35:0971 m55 m
29Eddie Davis2.2 km21/10/19Marsk28:5486 m48 m
30Eddie Davis3.7 km21/10/19Marsk2:10:46227 m196 m
31Chris Foster1.8 km19/10/19Bradwell Edge34:03550 m141 m
32KALOYAN PAUNOV1.1 km19/10/19Carlton Bank31:03467 m57 m
33KALOYAN PAUNOV0.4 km19/10/19Carlton Bank19:29443 m40 m
34Eddie Davis0.3 km14/10/19East Hill11:46230 m25 m
35Eddie Davis0.3 km14/10/19East Hill35:01230 m15 m
36Colin Keightley0.3 km05/10/19East Hill19:45203 m21 m
37Colin Keightley0.4 km05/10/19East Hill08:56215 m25 m
38Colin Keightley0.3 km05/10/19East Hill04:30210 m14 m
39KALOYAN PAUNOV0.4 km05/10/19East Hill18:28226 m22 m
40KALOYAN PAUNOV0.4 km05/10/19East Hill32:42254 m24 m
41Gary Stenhouse0.8 km05/10/19East Hill1:33:01255 m96 m
42KALOYAN PAUNOV0.3 km05/10/19East Hill14:16243 m16 m
43Gary Stenhouse0.9 km05/10/19East Hill1:14:14255 m61 m
44KALOYAN PAUNOV0.8 km04/10/19Crimdon Dene35:3060 m20 m
45KALOYAN PAUNOV1.4 km04/10/19Crimdon Dene23:4457 m17 m
46Eddie Davis1.9 km04/10/19Crimdon Dene20:1038 m19 m
47KALOYAN PAUNOV1.5 km04/10/19Crimdon Dene26:4959 m7 m
48Colin Keightley2 km04/10/19Crimdon Dene48:4547 m36 m
49Eddie Davis7.5 km04/10/19Crimdon Dene51:4691 m59 m
50KALOYAN PAUNOV0.4 km30/09/19Blackhall05:0475 m9 m