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Pilot Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain
1Eddie Davis3.8 km19/09/1954.09541:23:32125 m119 m
2Brian Nellist1290.2 km17/09/1955.607208:31242 m20 m
3Brian Nellist1290.5 km17/09/1955.606616:21260 m40 m
4Brian Nellist1290.7 km17/09/1955.606821:30308 m89 m
5Brian Nellist1290.4 km17/09/1955.607806:40259 m29 m
6Brian Nellist1291.2 km17/09/1955.606517:00526 m303 m
7Brian Nellist1290.3 km17/09/1955.606611:29244 m14 m
8Brian Nellist1290.3 km17/09/1955.606610:06273 m47 m
9Gary Stenhouse23.3 km17/09/1955.49411:10:201268 m773 m
10Miskfly66.2 km17/09/1955.60683:00:011445 m1210 m
11geordynut36.4 km17/09/1955.60772:45:581370 m1138 m
12Gary Stenhouse13.4 km17/09/1955.60651:17:231370 m1140 m
13Gary Stenhouse1.3 km15/09/1955.499116:22396 m197 m
14Gary Stenhouse0.9 km13/09/1955.433557:38302 m59 m
15Brian Nellist1291 km13/09/1954.415417:01470 m69 m
16Eddie Davis1 km13/09/1954.415719:57262 m68 m
17Brian Nellist1290.5 km13/09/1954.415310:56605 m204 m
18Eddie Davis0.8 km13/09/1954.415426:24417 m233 m
19Brian Nellist1290.2 km13/09/1954.412506:17428 m51 m
20Brian Nellist1290.5 km13/09/1954.415205:39408 m8 m
21Eddie Davis0.5 km13/09/1954.415728:24262 m74 m
22Brian Nellist1290.5 km09/09/1955.439731:07212 m2 m
23Gary Stenhouse0.4 km08/09/1955.439902:24217 m7 m
24Brian Nellist1290.2 km07/09/1955.606904:24225 m3 m
25Eddie Davis0.3 km07/09/1955.607408:57226 m21 m
26Brian Nellist1290.5 km07/09/1955.607709:35328 m103 m
27Brian Nellist1290.2 km07/09/1955.608208:15239 m25 m
28Brian Nellist1290.5 km07/09/1955.607814:07328 m119 m
29Eddie Davis1.1 km07/09/1955.608141:03327 m124 m
30Brian Nellist1290.4 km07/09/1955.606807:03237 m16 m
31Eddie Davis0.5 km25/08/19East Hill43:35273 m61 m
32Brian Nellist1290.5 km25/08/1955.43991:10:10258 m46 m
33Brian Nellist1290.4 km25/08/1955.439743:35251 m40 m
34Eddie Davis0.4 km25/08/19East Hill49:28251 m49 m
35Brian Nellist1290.3 km25/08/1955.439613:55267 m60 m
36Eddie Davis0.4 km25/08/19East Hill14:18260 m56 m
37Brian Nellist1290.5 km25/08/1955.439720:33240 m32 m
38Eddie Davis0.2 km25/08/19East Hill12:36231 m21 m
39Brian Nellist1290.5 km24/08/1955.439911:27215 m5 m
40Eddie Davis0.5 km24/08/19East Hill20:52246 m34 m
41Eddie Davis0.3 km24/08/19East Hill11:06258 m44 m
42Brian Nellist1290.5 km24/08/1955.439540:21245 m42 m
43Eddie Davis0.5 km24/08/19East Hill15:43248 m40 m
44Eddie Davis0.3 km24/08/19Old Bewick08:46254 m35 m
45Brian Nellist1290.8 km08/08/1954.726904:5744 m13 m
46Eddie Davis1.9 km08/08/19Crimdon Dene27:0547 m19 m
47Brian Nellist1291.8 km08/08/1954.726833:4158 m27 m
48Brian Nellist1291.5 km08/08/1954.729339:0950 m11 m
49Eddie Davis1.6 km08/08/19Crimdon Dene1:42:5253 m14 m
50Unknown5.4 km04/08/19Lords Seat27:07872 m558 m


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