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Pilot Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain
1gary stenhouse10 km14-05-19East Hill1:11:251092 m895 m
2Chris Jamieson104.8 km12/05/19Blease Fell3:45:052016 m1523 m
3Gary Stenhouse17.4 km12/05/19Jenkin2:30:261947 m1288 m
4Gary Stenhouse51.2 km11/05/19Clough Head2:07:381390 m898 m
5Eddie Davis0.5 km10/05/1955.062932:2921 m14 m
6Eddie Davis1.1 km10/05/1955.064641:0712 m11 m
7Ron Don1.3 km10/05/19East Hill1:37:21435 m281 m
8Ron Don0.6 km10/05/19East Hill18:57238 m28 m
9Ron Don0.2 km10/05/19East Hill06:21206 m13 m
10Eddie Davis1.3 km06/05/19Hogden Law04:14528 m0 m
11Brian Nellist1291.3 km06/05/19Hogden Law06:09535 m0 m
12Gary Stenhouse1.3 km06/05/19Hogden Law04:49543 m0 m
13Ron Don0.7 km05/05/19Model Ridge09:12309 m19 m
14Brian Nellist1291.7 km05/05/19Model Ridge32:16556 m260 m
15Eddie Davis2.3 km05/05/19Model Ridge45:20793 m508 m
16Ron Don4.2 km05/05/19Carlton Bank1:44:12964 m673 m
17Ron Don4.3 km03/05/19Model Ridge38:08580 m298 m
18Gary Stenhouse47.8 km03/05/19Tinto2:20:161341 m884 m
19Eddie Davis0.5 km29/04/19East Hill17:45252 m59 m
20Brian Nellist1290.4 km29/04/19East Hill22:51224 m58 m
21Chris Foster0.5 km29/04/19East Hill53:11340 m158 m
22Brian Nellist1290.3 km29/04/19East Hill20:39245 m71 m
23Eddie Davis0.5 km29/04/19East Hill46:04295 m101 m
24Gary Stenhouse23.2 km29/04/19East Hill1:08:39858 m654 m
25Chris Foster0.4 km29/04/19East Hill33:22294 m85 m
26Brian Nellist1290.4 km29/04/19East Hill08:10290 m79 m
27Eddie Davis0.5 km29/04/19East Hill16:16317 m106 m
28Eddie Davis0.3 km29/04/19East Hill11:08232 m25 m
29Brian Nellist1291.2 km28/04/19Hogden Law04:09515 m1 m
30Eddie Davis0.6 km28/04/19Hogden Law17:51721 m200 m
31Brian Nellist1290.3 km28/04/19Hogden Law04:34502 m0 m
32Ron Don2.7 km28/04/19Hogden Law1:25:00889 m400 m
33Eddie Davis0.6 km28/04/19Hogden Law08:51701 m224 m
34Chris Jamieson13.6 km28/04/19Hogden Law1:11:121018 m494 m
35Gary Stenhouse15.2 km28/04/19Hogden Law1:30:021165 m691 m
36Chris Foster11.1 km28/04/19Hogden Law1:26:111110 m628 m
37Gary Stenhouse0.3 km28/04/19Hogden Law06:32523 m53 m
38Eddie Davis0.5 km28/04/19Hogden Law11:11569 m91 m
39Gary Stenhouse0.5 km28/04/19Hogden Law15:39610 m104 m
40Gary Stenhouse0.5 km28/04/19Hogden Law19:57716 m251 m
41Chris Foster0.3 km28/04/19Hogden Law02:54474 m0 m
42Ron Don1.5 km27/04/19Hogden Law55:12747 m305 m
43Gary Stenhouse2.6 km27/04/19Hogden Law2:32:35809 m372 m
44Chris Foster1.7 km24/04/19Blackhall16:1166 m9 m
45Brian Nellist1291.3 km24/04/19Horden14:5155 m28 m
46Brian Nellist1290.9 km24/04/1954.767625:0864 m32 m
47Brian Nellist1290.8 km24/04/19Horden12:1752 m21 m
48Ron Don1.8 km24/04/19Crimdon Dene05:3259 m17 m
49Brian Nellist1290.6 km24/04/19Horden08:0748 m20 m
50Ron Don4.5 km24/04/19Horden11:3969 m14 m


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