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Pilot Max Dist Date Take Off Duration Max Alt Alt Gain
1Eddie Davis0.8 km17/07/1951.15881:35:20265 m105 m
2Gary Stenhouse13.9 km16/07/19Cross Fell (Radar Masts)2:30:30992 m508 m
3Gary Stenhouse1.5 km16/07/1954.749706:30415 m29 m
4Gary Stenhouse0.4 km16/07/1954.750603:10399 m31 m
5Gary Stenhouse2.4 km16/07/19Cross Fell (Radar Masts)38:02694 m165 m
6Gary Stenhouse2.6 km14/07/19Akeld11:08348 m132 m
7KALOYAN PAUNOV2.6 km14/07/1954.594728:3896 m74 m
8Gary Stenhouse0.6 km14/07/19Akeld08:28238 m22 m
9KALOYAN PAUNOV5.6 km14/07/1954.59531:12:53233 m213 m
10Gary Stenhouse3.1 km14/07/1955.552223:04467 m196 m
11Ron Don6.4 km14/07/19Marsk1:37:51313 m304 m
12Gary Stenhouse1 km14/07/19Humbleton Hill03:47277 m2 m
13KALOYAN PAUNOV3.2 km14/07/19Saltburn1:29:05193 m145 m
14Gary Stenhouse0.4 km14/07/19Humbleton Hill20:18309 m15 m
15Gary Stenhouse3.7 km13/07/19Model Ridge1:10:38646 m361 m
16Gary Stenhouse0.7 km13/07/19Model Ridge11:56315 m23 m
17Gary Stenhouse5.2 km13/07/19Model Ridge1:06:50609 m311 m
18KALOYAN PAUNOV3.7 km13/07/19Model Ridge1:45:09606 m266 m
19Eddie Davis1.3 km12/07/1951.15921:03:58220 m64 m
20Eddie Davis0.5 km11/07/1951.15821:05:07218 m42 m
21Eddie Davis0.3 km11/07/1951.158918:28213 m53 m
22Colin Keightley1.1 km07/07/19Model Ridge17:08371 m69 m
23Gary Stenhouse3.1 km07/07/19Model Ridge35:42568 m272 m
24Colin Keightley0.2 km07/07/19Model Ridge03:42314 m13 m
25Colin Keightley0.4 km07/07/19Model Ridge12:30367 m66 m
26Gary Stenhouse7.5 km07/07/19Model Ridge48:34576 m231 m
27Gary Stenhouse1.5 km07/07/19Model Ridge08:48314 m16 m
28Eddie Davis0.8 km06/07/1950.361226:4878 m17 m
29KALOYAN PAUNOV6.8 km06/07/1954.54336:56917 m216 m
30Eddie Davis0.7 km06/07/1950.361134:4266 m14 m
31KALOYAN PAUNOV6.8 km06/07/19Clough Head51:011179 m715 m
32Chris Foster0.7 km06/07/19Moneylaws16:45346 m128 m
33Chris Foster0.3 km06/07/19Moneylaws06:58257 m43 m
34Eddie Davis0.8 km06/07/1950.361523:3872 m13 m
35Chris Foster0.8 km06/07/19Moneylaws26:27276 m60 m
36Ron Don1.3 km06/07/19Moneylaws1:01:57336 m112 m
37Chris Foster1 km06/07/19Moneylaws57:15600 m390 m
38Chris Foster0.4 km06/07/19Moneylaws16:52333 m121 m
39Chris Foster0.3 km06/07/19Moneylaws05:18237 m19 m
40Chris Foster0.7 km06/07/19Moneylaws25:56417 m201 m
41Chris Foster1.1 km06/07/19Moneylaws18:31528 m307 m
42Chris Foster0.2 km06/07/19Moneylaws02:18233 m9 m
43Ron Don3.9 km06/07/19Moneylaws55:25561 m326 m
44Chris Jamieson34.9 km06/07/19Moneylaws1:48:061156 m921 m
45Chris Foster0.3 km06/07/19Moneylaws06:10239 m4 m
46Gary Stenhouse30.4 km06/07/19Moneylaws2:44:001306 m1058 m
47IAN MISKIN66.6 km03/07/19Cross Fell (Radar Masts)4:04:181518 m979 m
48Ron Don1.4 km02/07/19Carlton Bank1:18:23758 m456 m
49Eddie Davis1.1 km01/07/1950.36131:17:39126 m71 m
50Eddie Davis0.9 km30/06/1950.30481:09:07199 m106 m


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